How to use mofajang hair color wax?

Are you interested in mofajang hair color wax? I also tried out the mafajang color wax for my hair. 

I was also surprised with how quickly it is colored up my hair along with how helpful for restoring my damaged hair as well.  

So, I think to share my own experience with mofajang color wax with you all. 

How to use mofajang hair color wax? 

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate mofajang color wax which is suitable to your hair type, hair color, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, and occasion.  

Next, you need to clean and wash your hair thoroughly. After that, dry out your hair completely using a towel or hair dryer.  

Now, you can take the required amount of wax color into your palm and rub it on the palms. It is useful for warming up the wax and easy application.  

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Then, apply the wax starting from hair roots to tips. You can use fingers or a comb to equal the distribution of wax though out your hair. I think a comb is ideal for that with my own experience.  

Sometimes you need to make highlights so use a little bit of wax and apply on the required hair section. 

You can do this process again and again until achieving your required intensity and look. Now you can able to style your hair as usual. It is better to use a hair dryer to set colors in place.  

Finally, you can remove the wax hair color using shampoo and warm water. Don’t bother with removing the wax it is removed with twice shampooing.  

How long does Mofajang hair wax last? 

In general, the mofajang hair color wax stays up to 1-2 days

However, in my own experience, mofajang hair wax was removed after my first wash.

But I have shampooed twice for my hair to completely remove the wax.  

However, the staying -period may be changed for multiple reasons such as your hair type, your lifestyle, how often you wash the hair, and climate and weather conditions.

You can refer to our separate article on this topic for more details if you want.   

Tips for using the mafojang hair wax for hair 

Selection of the right color

MOFAJANG Hair Color Range

Maofajang color waxes in a variety of colors so, you need to choose it according to your natural hair color. Otherwise, your hair color looks completely different than you want.  

Consider your Hair type

Mofajang color wax is more suitable for short to medium-length hairs rather than longer hairs. So, it is better to consider your hair length before application.  

Moreover, if you own heavy or thick hair it is better to use more hair wax to color your hair. So, for your thin hair, the wax may not adhere well to the wax and cause a patchy look.  

Be aware of the texture

Typically mofajang wax is thick and creamy. So, it is difficult to handle if you’re not used to it. Therefore, take a small amount of wax first and apply it gradually to prevent clumps and color patches.  

Use protective gloves

It is better to wear gloves to prevent stains and equal distribution of colors throughout the hair.  

Remove the wax properly

It is important to remove the wax at the end using a clarifying shampoo. It is useful for dissolving wax and removing leftovers of wax as well. But make sure to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and hot water which cause damage to your hair.  

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Final Thoughts  

Mafajang hair color wax is comprised of natural ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax, and jojoba oil. It is good to color your hair with bold shades. So, this blog offers you more stuff on how to apply it correctly, tips for perfect use, and how long it will last on your hair. So, don’t delay try it now to style your hair with lively colors. 

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