How to use waterproof body concealer for swimming?

There are a lot of reason why you would want to use makeup on your body when swimming. If by any chance you feel insecure about your stretch marks, vitiligo, or even scar, I want to assure you that you are not alone and you are absolutely beautiful with your imperfections. 

if you want to enjoy a swim without drawing attention from other swimmers, you can apply waterproof body concealers.

In this guide I will discuss whether you can use the normal waterproof concealer for your body or if there is a particular concealer for your body. I will also discuss how you can make your body concealer last longer. Don’t go anywhere. 

Can I use my waterproof face concealer on my body

If you are trying to cover your bacne, vitiligo, pantyhose, or even stretch marks on your body, you can use your waterproof face concealer.  However, the consistency between the face concealer and body concealer is totally different. You would need to figure out a way to match the consistency of the two for you to use the face concealer on your body. 

Luckily, everything is customizable under the sun. From my guide to waterproof concealer, I gave out steps you can use to transform ordinary concealer into waterproof concealer. The step where you add a moisturizer to make consistency of the concealer in a liquid form, is what you do to your waterproof face concealer for it to match the consistency of body concealer. 

Since there are waterproof concealers specifically made for the body, you can invest and buy the body concealer. Besides, they are not that expensive. And, if you used face concealer on your body, you might achieve the same coverage offered by body concealer. You might also end up using a whole bottle of concealer. 

Why do I need waterproof body concealer

If you have the tiniest of the mark that you would want to conceal, you would want to go for a waterproof body concealer. There are various reasons as to why you should use body concealer instead of using an ordinary body concealer. 

It is highly pigmented to suit your body

Unlike the concealer you use on your face, body concealer is formulated in a way it can perfectly conceal even the toughest blemishes. A tiniest amount of waterproof body concealer can hide a whole back of tattoo. 

Waterproof body concealer has the right consistency for easy blending


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Applying waterproof concealer

Unlike face concealers which are mostly creamy or stick, body concealer are mostly in liquid form. Being in liquid form ensures this concealer blends without using a lot of pressure. 

Ensure you have the right tools for blending and application, otherwise there will be some inconsistency on your makeup. 

Most waterproof body concealers have a UV-blocking

Since you won’t be using other makeup products on your body, most waterproof body concealers contains SPF and UV- blocking agents. 

Once you apply the body concealer ok your body, you can be assured that you will be protected against the harmful sunrays. 

Waterproof body concealers last longer than face concealers

Quite a number of waterproof body concealers will not come off unless you use a makeup remover. This is because they are created to withstand even the slightest contact with water or moisture. 

If you notice your body concealer does not last longer the way you expect it, you can use a waterproof setting spray. 

Each body imperfection has its own specific concealer

Unlike the face where you can use the same concealer for every purpose, the body has different degree of imperfections that need to be concealed. 

For example, a concealer that can be used for back acne, is not the same concealer you would use for vitiligo and not the same concealer you would consider for stretch marks. 

So, when shopping for body concealers, ensure you know exactly what you want to hide. 

Since the body is less exposed to the sun most of the time, most brands produce body concealers in only two shades: shades for light and dark skin. 

If one of the shade perfectly matches your skin tone, you should use the concealer as it comes. However, if your skin tone is something in between, you can keep mixing the concealers until you achieve a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. 

You can also add a moisturizer to your mixture to achieve a consistency that will not give you problems when blending the concealer. 

How to apply waterproof body concealers on your body?

Every skin imperfection and body part require a different method of concealer application to be fully concealed. However, there are a few steps that are basic. Keep reading this guide to learn how you can perfectly hide your skin imperfections when preparing for a swim. 

Step 1: Start on a clean body

Cleaning the body before applying the concealer
Cleaning the body before concealing

I know people will argue that you don’t have to clean up your body if you are going for a swim. First of all, it is unhygienic to go for a swim when you are dirty. 

That aside, if you want to apply a body concealer you will need to wash, scrub, rinse, dry and then moisturize your body. You can use a lightweight lotion as a moisturizer before applying the concealer. 

Step 2: Concealer application

Applying concealer on the face
Applying concealer on the face

As said before, different parts of the body and different blemishes require different ways of application. We will go through the most common parts that you can apply your waterproof body concealer. 

Your face

We have gone through a lot of articles explaining how you can apply concealer on your face. So, if you missed out on my previous articles, you can click here to familiarize yourself on how to apply concealer. 

Your arms

You might have some very visible stretch marks, a huge tattoo or even a scar on your hands. If this is the part you want to use waterproof body concealer, you can go ahead using a few different methods. 

  • You can use a sponge or a concealer brush to apply concealer on your arms: Tap the sponge or the concealer brush to scoop small amount of body on the blemish you want to concealer in parts. Keep tapping until you can see the blemish is not visible anymore. 

If the blemishes are too deep, you can keep scooping some small amount of concealer until the blemish is completely concealed. 

  • Airbrush your concealer: if you have an Airbrush kit and Airbrush waterproof body concealer, then you can achieve the most flawless long-lasting body makeup. 

Simply fill the airbrush with the concealer and start spraying the blemish you want to conceal. 

You should spray the concealer from a distance to prevent a lot of product landing in one place. 

We have a bunch of articles about Airbrush makeup to make you beautiful with new airbrush makeup techniques. Read it before airbrushing your body.

Your back

If you want to conceal some back acne, you can use a sponge or a makeup brush to apply body concealer on the area. 

Most body concealers come with a tiny angled brush that you can use to scoop some concealer from the bottle. 

  • Dot the whole back area and then dampen your beauty blender to start blending the concealer. 
  • Do not drag the sponge. Rather, tap on the concealer until it is well blended. You can also use a concealer brush to blend in the concealer. However, it will take you longer than a sponge.

If it becomes hard to blend in the concealer, you can ask someone to blend in the concealer for you. 

You can also use an Airbrush. However, you will need help from someone.

Your lower body

Your lower body is one of the parts that is likely to have too much skin imperfections. You might be using a concealer to hide some scars on your legs, stretch marks on your butt area, or even pantyhose. 

The techniques discussed above can work for your lower body. You can use a sponge, a concealer brush, or even Airbrush your waterproof body concealer. 

Ensure you do not use a lot of concealer to prevent your body makeup from looking unnatural. 

Finally, most body imperfections are very deep. You will need to take your time when blending to achieve the coverage you need. 


Although body imperfections are very common, not everyone is confident enough to walk around showing them and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are one of those people who wants to go for a swim but you are a bit insecure with your stretch marks, vitiligo, or even some scars, you can use waterproof body concealer. 

The guide above provides all the information you require if you are starting on your body concealer journey. Read it through and subscribe to this page for more helpful makeup information. 


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