Is hair serum good for hair?

Hair serum can be such a helpful product to your hair. You will find hair serums that helps manage the strength of the hair, add shine to your hair and repair damaged hair. All this are possible when you use the hair serum the right way. 

As you already know, everything good has its bas side. Hair serum are not any different. If you don’t use the hair serum the right way, you might end up dealing with more than damaged hair. In some extremes, you might be dealing with hair loss. 

Since I want you to enjoy the benefits offered by the  hair serum which I will be discussing in the guide below, I will give you tips you can use to ensure you don’t suffer the negative side effects of hair serum.

Benefits of using a hair serum

If your hair have been suffering from breakage or you think that you need to take good care of your hair, you should go for hair serum. 

Basically, hair serum is a liquid form of hair treatment formulated using silicone to create a layer of protective surface when your hair needs it. Hair serum does not only care for your broken hair, you can use it to control frizz and even make your hair look kept. 

Below are some of the benefits of using hair serum on your hair;

Controls frizz

Natural hair is bound to frizz due to many factors in the environment. Fortunately, if you know your hair suffers from frizz, has a lot of flyaways and split ends, you can use hair serum. 

Hair serum comprises of silicone, amino acids, and hydrolyzed protein that all has properties to control static charge responsible for frizz and flyaways. 

Since silicone is heavy, it adds weight to your hair strands making them stay intact even when the environmental conditions don’t are not in favor of your natural hair. 

Treats damaged hair

You your hair starts breaking and the ends splitting, no amount of trimming can treat that in a day. However, if you decided to create a routine for treating your extremely damaged hair , you should include hair serum on the list of a must products. 

Hair serum creates a protective surface which will protect your hair from heat, water and any other factors that destroy your hair. 

Since your hair will be protected from further damage, you can then take care of the damage slowly while your hair still looks neat. 

Straightens your hair

Instead of using heat to straighten your hair, you can apply hair serum to dampened hair to straighten it. The silicone found in the hair serum will make the hair stay flat and straight for the period you will be wearing the hair serum. 

Maintains curly hair

Using hair serum that has heavy ingredients will make your hair straight. Alternatively, you can use a lightweight hair serum that has some hydrating properties to curl and help your hair maintain its curls. 

Adds shine to your hair

Aside from controlling freeze and treating damaged hair, hair serum can be used to make your hair appear shinny and glossy. This is because silicone has some properties that allow it to reflect light. 

Controls hair tangle

If your hair is straight, shiny, heavy strands and does not frizz, then there are no chance for it to tangle or even knot. Silicone in the hair serum is responsible for also creating a protective surface that keeps the hair intact. 

Makes your hair appear smooth

If all the flyaways, split ends, and frizz are controlled and also your hair is straight the whole day and the hair shiny, you are sure your hair will look smoother. The fact that silicone will reflect light also makes your hair appear smoother. 

Protects your hair from water 

Natural hair is bound to shrink and even break if you enter a pool or cone in contact with water at any point. Once your hair shrinks, it becomes very weak which might lead to your hair being damaged. 

If you want to enjoy a day in a pool without the fear of your breaking or shrinking, you should apply a hair serum before hitting the swimming pool. 

Hair serum contains silicone which is waterproof and frizz proof. It does this by creating a layer resistant to water. You can then be assured that your hair will not shrink or break. 

Helps regulate heat damage

We all have different types of hair. There are those who just run a comb and apply some oil and your hair is straight, some of us will need to blow our hair with slight heat and the hair is straight, while some of use have to spend hours straightening our hair and even to a point of relaxing our hair. 

Any form of heat on your hair will damage your hair over a long period of use. If you apply a hair serum before using heat on your hair, you can be assured your hair will not suffer from heat damage. In fact, your hair will not even require a lot of heat once you have applied hair serum on your hair. 

Locks in the moisture in the hair

Since you will apply the hair serum on damp hair that has an added moisturizer, the protective layer formed by hair serum will prevent any me moisture from being lost by your. This in turn allows your hair to remain healthy and grow. 

All the above are benefits you are going to enjoy if you use hair serum on your hair. However, from my introduction to hair serum, you will see that I said hair serum has some very severe side effects. This dude effects can only be experienced if you don’t apply hair serum the right way. 

So, to protect you against this negative side effects, I will give you tips you should use when applying hair serum on your hair. 

Tips to use when applying hair serum

Tips to use when applying hair serum

You shouldn’t rush to buy any serum in the market just because you saw the benefits of using it on your hair. We have different types of hair and there are different types of hair serum for each type of hair. So, to ensure the hair serum works for the good of your hair;

1. Consult a hair professional on what type of hair serum you should on your hair

We all have different types of hair. You might be in love with what hair serums have to offer. However, all hair serums don’t work the same on every type of hair. 

There are hair serums that protect your hair from heat damage, some serums are for oily hair, while others are for dry hair. 

A hair professional will examine your hair, analyze the level of hair damage if any, and use the analysis to advice you accordingly. 

You can then go ahead and buy a hair serum that will work perfectly for your hair. 

2. Apply hair serum on dampened hair

Even of you are using a hair serum with some hydrating properties, you should still wash your hair before applying hair serum. You should also add a moisturizer to your hair before applying hair serum. 

If you apply a hair serum on dry hair, there are high chances that your hair will be dried even more by the silicone. This might lead to hair breakage. 

Adding moisture to your normal hair ensures the ingredients found in the hair serum do not find a way to reach the hair. The moisture is also locked in which aids in hair growth. 

3. Do not use finger tips to apply hair serum. 

When applying hair serum on your hair, you should pour the hair serum on your palm and then apply it to your hair. 

If you let the hair serum get to your finger tips, the serum might hide below the nails and end up causing some inflammation. 

4. Do not use a lot of product and avoid applying hair serum to your scalp

Another injustice you might do to yourself, is applying hair serum to your scalp. 

Aside from silicone, there are other ingredients used to make hair serum. Some of this ingredients might be harsh. If they find a way to reach the scalp, you might find yourself dealing with inflammation and irritating rashes. 

Using a lot of hair serum might make the hair serum run and get to your scalp. To avoid this;

  • Shake the bottle of the hair serum well for a minute. 
  • Pour some small amount of hair serum on your palm. 
  • Rub your hands together for a few minutes to heat up the product and remove any clamps formed by the ingredients. 
  • Start applying the hair serum from the edges of your hair going in towards the middle of your hair. 
  • Massage the hair well to ensure every part of your hair has gotten the product. 
  • If you have dense hair, repeat the process until all your hair gets the product. 
  • Take a wide toothed comb and run it through your hair to ensure the product gets into your hair well. 
  • You can the go ahead and style your hair as usual. 
  • Clean your hands with warm water and soap to remove the hair serum from your hands. 

5. Observe how your hair react after one day of using hair serum

Hair serum s are not very cheap. However, if you notice a hair serum is not working for your hair, you should stop using it immediately. 

If the hair serum dries up your hair the first day you use it, you should avoid using it and find a different type of hair serum. Continuing to use the hair serum might lead to all your hair falling out. 


Although hair serum has so much benefits to your hair, using it the wrong way will cost you more than your may be able to bare. 

For example, a hair serum will prevent hair breakage and keep your hair strong. However, using the wrong type of hair serum will lead to your hair drying up and in extreme cases start falling out. 

There are different types of hair serum and the right way to apply hair serum. All this can be learnt if you read my guide above. It has all the tips that you should use when applying hair serum to achieve what the hair serum promises to do. You should subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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