Is Maybelline concealer waterproof (Quick Guide)

Maybelline has a wide range if concealers but a few are waterproof.

When researching the market for waterproof concealers, you will realize that there are not so many brands that offer this type of concealer.

Some other brands will label their concealers as waterproof, only to find out the concealer rub off the minute you hit the pool.

Among the most known brands that produce waterproof concealer, we have Maybelline.

Today we are going to review Maybelline super stay concealer to see if it is really waterproof or not.

We will use manufacturers description, customers reviews, and my own experience with the concealer. Stay tuned.

What to expect when buying Maybelline concealer

Maybelline promises their client’s a super stay concealer that will withstand any form of mess.

You can get rained on, take a swim in a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi, take a warm shower and your makeup will stay intact.

Before we review how Maybelline New York super stay concealer performs, I will prepare a table giving you the details of what the manufacturer promises you and then give a description from my own experience and other customers.

FeaturesWhat manufacturer promises
How long it last24 hours
CoverageMedium to full coverage
How it feelsLightweight
No of shades12 shades
Good forAll type of skins
ResistanceWaterproof and smudge resistance
FinishSeamless matte finish
Does it contain siliconeNo

Maybelline super stay review

Aside from being waterproof, Maybelline has quite a number of claims.

I will discuss each of the claim and tell you how I compared.


Longevity concealer

Maybelline claims that Maybelline super stay concealer will stay intact for 24 hours without rubbing off.

Although I have heard a few people complain the concealer did not last that long, I wore mine for 8 straight hours in the pool and it did not come off until I removed it with makeup remover at home.

How long this concealer last depend on how you apply the concealer.

If you have no idea how to apply Maybelline super stay concealer, this guide will be of so much help.


Maybelline claims that their concealer is full coverage and that in one stroke all your dark circles and blemishes will be concealed.

This was however different for me.

I have a few black spots and dark circles.

The concealer concealed the dark circles in one swipe.

However, I had to apply two layers to conceal my dark spots.

How many layers you apply depends on the level of blemishes on your skin.

You can go up to three layers to perfectly hide your dark circles.


Maybelline super stay concealer comes in 12 different shades for fair skin, light skin and dark skinned queens.

If you want the concealer to work for you, you will have to choose a concealer that fits your skin tone.

Pick a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation for your dark circles and skin blemishes.

Maybelline also offers a concealer shade finder tool for their clients.

Happy to announce that we have a super-super guide about choosing the right shade of concealer for you through the onviw.

Oil free and non-comedogenic

Maybelline also claim that their concealer are oil free and non-comedogenic.

When applying Maybelline super stay concealer, you can feel the concealer is gel like.

This is what makes it perfect for all type of skin.

The gel like nature makes it glide perfectly through the skin while blending.

It also makes it light weight and ensures that it does not clog pores.

Another factor that makes sure the concealer does not clog your pores is that it is non-comedogenic.

You can find out if your concealer is non-comedogenic from reading the label.

It is however impossible to tell through the ingredient list if your concealer is non-comedogenic.

So, if the concealer is not labeled non-comedogenic it will probably clog your pores.

Repairs the skin within 3 weeks of use

Maybelline claims that the ingredients in Maybelline super stay concealer repair your skin while giving your skin the fresh feel every time you wear your makeup.

They also claim that the results will be visible within three weeks.

I cannot prove this claim considering I wear my makeup occasionally.

However, within the few weeks I have used the concealer, I can attest that my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated.

This might be attributed to the fact that Maybelline super stay concealer contains Actyl-C.

 Actyl-C is an ingredient that helps your skin feel fresh, healthy, and radiant all the time.

Good for all types of skin

Good for all types of skin
Type of skins

From the manufacturers description of Maybelline super stay concealer, you can see them recommending this concealer for everyone.

This is because they believe they have engineered the concealer in a way it won’t harm a person with dry skin and it will stay put for people with oily skin.

This claims can be further proven since the concealer is oil-free.

If you have an oily skin, you will only need to use a primer as a base.

And the concealer will stay intact for hours.

You can also use a setting powder for the aesthetics.

Maybelline super stay concealer also don’t use silica as the binding agents.

Silica contains some alcohol content that draws moisture from the skin leaving your skin dry and prone to cracking.

Instead, Maybelline super stay concealer has polymers as the binding agents.

Polymers are gentle on the skin.


Maybelline super stay concealer is said to be the best waterproof concealer in the market.

It is ideal for swimmers or for long wear.

My concealer stayed intact for hours when I was in the pool.

I also wear this concealer when going about my busy day and I want to look snatched.

It is true Maybelline does not allow water to penetrate or even you to sweat.


Maybelline super stay concealer creates a matte finish which reduces the news to apply finish powder to eliminate the glossy look.

If you don’t use a primer or a moisturizer, the concealer feels like a tight mask.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Among the very common customer reviews, was that Maybelline super stay concealer is easy to use and the texture is perfect for blending.

I can testify this claims to be true. I applied the concealer using an applicator and blended using a fluffy brush.

After seeing how long the brush was taking me, I decided to switch to a dampened beauty blender.

The blender did a perfect job and I had my makeup for hours until I was ready to remove it.

You also don’t need to add any special ingredients to improve the consistency.

The concealer has a perfect consistency on its own.


There is nothing special with the bottle that comes with this concealer.

It comes with a small bottle that can be very efficient when traveling.

The only issue I had with the packaging is that you could not use all the product in the bottle since it is hard to remove the products at the bottom.


Based on my experience, Maybelline super stay concealer outdoes all the other waterproof concealers I have ever used.

Since I have a few dark spots left after treating my acne, I was amazed of how well the concealer was able to hide my blemishes.

From my previous guide to waterproof concealer, you can see that most waterproof concealers contain silicone.

Silicone-based products are not very ideal for any type of skin.

This is because they have some alcohol content that will absorb moisture from your skin leaving your skin dry and probably cracked.

Luckily, Maybelline is very serious when it comes to the well being of their clients.

They use polymers as binding agents to create a waterproof surface.

One issue I had with the concealer is the shape of the bottle.

The packaging is poorly done which makes it hard to access the product at the bottom when the concealer is almost finished.

Maybelline should work on the packaging design so as you can access all the product you have paid for.


If you are in the market searching for a perfect waterproof concealer, I would recommend you to consider Maybelline products.

Maybelline works super hard to give their clients high-end products by combining latest technology and quality ingredients for the well being of your skin.

Maybelline super stay concealer is one of the best waterproof concealer in the market.

The guide above contain an honest review of this product.

You can read it through to have a grasp on what to expect when you purchase Maybelline super stay concealer.

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