Is Temporary Hair Color Spray Safe for Dogs?|Essential Tips

There is no question that a pet dog with neatly coiffed and colored fur is gorgeous and adorable.

But we can’t completely appreciate the look when we have a nagging sense in the bottom of our stomachs that dye isn’t healthy for the animal.

Coloring dogs has become a trend nowadays.

And with Halloween and other occasions coming near, pet owners want their pets to fit the celebrations.

They want their dogs to look unique (ie. Are tattoos safe for dogs?).

But is temporary hair color spray safe for dogs?

Dog fur coloring is accompanied by opposing views! Some people adore the colors of their dogs, while others despise them.

We’ll leave everything up to you to decide, but we’ll equip you with the finest knowledge possible before you make your decision.

Is Temporary Hair Color Spray Safe for Dogs?

Is Temporary Hair Color Spray Safe for Dogs?

In most cases, all types of natural and organic colors intended to be used on dogs are safe and harmless.

These products haven’t toxic chemicals and poisons present in the majority of conventional human hair colors.

Professionals, on the other hand, advised using colors sparingly.

This includes special occasions when you may like to spend more time with your pet, such as Halloween festivities.

It is never advisable to use pet colors on a regular basis.

There are a lot of rumors about putting human-grade colors on dogs and getting negative results regarding their health.

It seems, with using human-grade dyes on dogs, issues become more complicated.

These goods include potentially carcinogenic chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, and para-phenylenediamine.

Additionally, the majority of hair dye producers use synthetic scents to hide the chemical odors of bleaches and dyes.

The fact that these substances cause irreversible harm to a dog’s immune factor has been thoroughly recognized and examined.

Additionally, they have the potential to induce allergic responses, skin illness, chemical burns, and cancer.

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

The longevity of a dog hair dye will vary depending on the type of dye and the dog coat.

Some products and materials are designed to be washed out after even a single bath, and some will last for a couple of days, while others may last for around five washes.

Is Human Hair Dye Safe for Dogs?

Is Human Hair Dye Safe for Dogs?

The most important thing to remember while using any product on your pet is that no human product is intended to be used on your pet.

Be careful what you use!

This applies not just to dog fur color but also to all other things you may be tempted to put on your pets.

For instance, conditioners and shampoos, and nail paint.

The chemicals that are used to manufacture human goods, particularly hair color, are very poisonous and might cause significant disease in your dog if eaten, as well as skin disorders.

People who have colored their hair are aware that the process needs a large amount of water.

Likewise, Dogs, when getting dyed, may store water in earbuds. It can lead to unpleasant consequences for your pet.

The canal of the ear of a dog is structured differently than that of a person.

It has an L shape that may readily hold water.

The longer the water remains in-ears, the more probable yeast or bacteria may thrive in the wet environment and create a serious ear infection.

Dog Safe Temporary Hair Dye

Dog Safe Temporary Hair Dye

As we have mentioned earlier, most dyes that are made to color pets are safe for your dogs.

However, unexpected events may happen. 

Here is some good news for color lovers.

There are several safe methods to color a dog’s hair.

Semi-permanent colors that are pet-safe are often available in liquid or gel form.

Along with store-bought colors, you may also color your pet’s fur using vegetable juice.

But be careful enough so that they don’t get exposed to chemicals.

Carrot juice will give your dog’s hair a reddish-orange hue, while beet juice will give it a pink hue.

Another possibility is to use food coloring.

  • Food Color: Food coloring or natural colors derived from foods are both safe and natural methods to color your dog’s fur. Some individuals even propose using food coloring to get the exact tint for your pet’s hair.
  • Dedicated Dyes for Pets: You will find a variety of semi-permanent colors made exclusively for dogs on the market, such as some gels with an array of vibrant, colorful hues.
  • Dog Hair Spray: You might have used colored hair sprays for Halloween to get the exact shade of witch green for your hair. You can now purchase colored hair sprays for your dogs, too, to put on special events.

According to the manufacturer, it is absolutely non-toxic and easily removed with water and soap.

Colored Chalk: Certain groomers provide a “chalking” service in which they rub tinted “chalk” into portions of the pet’s fur to create a pop of color.

Do I Need Pet Dye?

Do I Need Pet Dye?

Is it still a good idea to color your pet even if you get a safe technique to do so?

Most likely, it’s not. Most people can’t realize that dying a pet animal’s hair can create stress.

It can lead to difficulties or allergic responses that risk the health of that animal.

Here are tips and advice to keep yourself away from dying your dogs.

  • To cope with your excessive desire to color your dog, you should love them unconditionally. Love them regardless of their hair color.
  • Humans typically color their hair only to display their individuality. On the other hand, Dogs have other ways to express themselves, and they do not need to dye their fur pink to radiate their personalities.
  • Dying a dog’s hair treats them as an accessory rather than a real being. Ribbons and dog clothes are some great ways to show off a dog. Even a stupid costume can be preferable.
  • Many other experts have talked against dyeing pet fur only to get a different look from them. They have said that none should put extra stress on their pet dying their hair. It might confuse and scare them.

How to Dye Dog Fur with Safety?

Ensure the dog’s comfort and safety

Different DIY techniques are available for dying a dog’s hair.

The best way of all is to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

If you do not already have a groomer, ask a vet for his recommendations.

Check your dog’s skin and fur for any type of scratches or wound to avoid hurting them.

Also, avoid having the dye on the face of your dog. Because it can be irritating if it enters their nose or eyes.

Always seek the advice of your veterinarian to avoid any accidents that may be harmful to your dog.


Now that we have come to this point, it should be transparent that the idea of dyeing your dog’s hair is not a good one.

I have discussed crucial reasons why you shouldn’t color your dog’s hair.

If you are still not satisfied and wondering about the question, “is temporary hair color spray safe for dogs?” you can research further.

But be sure of the fact that not a single expert will recommend you dye your dog’s color.

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