Natural hair serum for curly hair

Are you tired of using lots of products on your hair trying to bring your natural curls to life? If yes, there is a hair product known as hair serum that can actually do that to your hair. 

Although hair serum is quite good at what it does, there are some risks of using commercial hair serum. The products have some added chemicals either acting as preservatives or just an active ingredient in the hair serum. 

This is not to say you should avoid hair serum altogether. Some brands realized the struggle people go through trying to make this hair serums at home and come up with all natural hair serums. 

Since it might be hard to differentiate between ordinary hair serum and natural hair serum, I will give you some tips you can use to get the best natural hair serum for curly hair in the guide below. 

7 best natural hair serum for curly hair

With the large number of hair serums for curly hair in the market, it can be quite a struggle to settle on one particular brand. You will have to do a lot of research to find a hair serum that will suite your hair type. 

Luckily, if you know all about hair serums for curly hair, your search will be an easy one. 

For a hair serum to be considered good for curly hair, ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, Argan and Rosemary are present. So, if you go shopping for natural hair serum for curly hair, checking presence of those ingredients should be the first step. 

If you still don’t know how to go about it, I have narrowed down the search for you by giving you 7 of the best natural hair serum for curly hair. 

  1. Oyin Handmade Shine and define

From our guide above, we mentioned Aloe Vera (how to make hair serum with aloe vera?) as the magic ingredient for the best natural hair serum for curly hair. If there is one brand that understood the assignment when it comes to curly hair, it got to be Oyin. 

Oyin is made with a combination of Aloe Vera, herbal infusions, flax seed oil, and other ingredients to ensure your hair is nourished for as long as you are wearing the serum. 

This amazing hair serum from Oyin is alcohol free. As it adds shine and defines your natural curls, your hair will be protected against hair damage. 

  1. Eden Body works coconut Shea butter hair serum

When making this natural hair serum, Eden was so invested in achieving something most of the hair serums from other brands could not. 

Eden body work hair serum is formulated using a combination of some exotic components each dedicated to make your hair healthy and vibrant. 

Eden uses coconut oil to ensure you hair is nourished and hydrated for as long as you are wearing the hair serum. 

Instead of using silicone as a sealant that will not only protect your hair from environmental conditions that might damage your hair, it will also lock in the moisture on your hair making your healthy last longer. 

  1. Mizani Spradiance 

If it is elegance and luxury you are looking for, you should go for this amazing high gloss serum from Mizani. This hair serum is free from alcohol. Meaning your hair will not only look good, you won’t have to worry about hair damage. 

Despite of Mizani being glossy, it does not give a greasy buildup.

  1. Elucence silk hydrating hair 

Getting a natural hair serum that deep conditions your hair for more than 24 hours while still protecting your curly hair feels like a jackpot. This is what you should expect from Elucence. 

Elucence silk is fortified with hydrolyzed natural silk fibers that work to their best to repair worn out hair strands while protecting the emerging new hair strands. 

Due to Elucence high gloss nature, you can be assured your curls will be defined without making your hair too glossy. 

  1. Mixed chicks straightening hair serum

There comes a time when you will feel like straightening your curly hair. When that time come, you will need a hair serum that understands that your hair strands are quite delicate and should be handled with at most care. 

Mixed girls straightening hair serum will be there when you decide to explore natural hair as a curlie. 

Just apply a few drops of the hair serum on wet hair, blow your hair and wait to enjoy a shinier, smooth straight hair. Mixed girls is also powerful enough to protect your hair against conditions such as humidity that damage your hair. 

  1. Aveda Elements smoothing hair serum

Once in a while you will discover a hair product that will change your life instantly. This is what I experienced when I bought Aveda element hair serum. 

Not only was my hair soft, I actually maintained my curls for quite a long time. Aveda is plant based. Meaning you can use the serum even on your scalp without the fear of hair damage. You can also style your hair how you please without feeling the weight of the hair product. 

  1. Bio Silk Therapy

As a curly, you need a hair serum that understands your hair. Bio Silk therapy natural hair serum is formulated using 17 amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins, and a blend of oils to revitalize, strengthen, and reconstruct your curly hair strands. 

Bio silk therapy natural hair serum is lightweight. This means it will penetrate your scalp leading to some strong new hair strands. You can also be assured it won’t weigh down your hair strands.

Since all the hair serums in this guide are natural, you can apply the serums on your scalp even daily if you please. You should however avoid over using the hair serum.

How do I use natural hair serum for curly hair?

Although this hair serums are natural, you should use the hair serum the same way you do ordinary hair serum. 

  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo to get rid of all the products on your hair then rinse with running Luke warm water. 
  • Use a conditioner to make your hair soft and easy to work with. 
  • Rinse off the hair well before going in with the serum. 
  • Moisturize your hair to create a safe surface for application. 
  • Part your hair into smaller parts for easy application. 
  • If the serum is labeled for scalp, you can use on scalp. Otherwise, avoid touching your scalp with the serum all together. 
  • You might find some serums that are for spraying. Spray on the hair surface only. 
  • Apply the hair serum from the mid length to the hair ends. 
  • Use enough serum depending on the length and the density of your hair. 
  • Massage your hair using your three middle fingers avoiding the scalp. Massaging your hair will ensure that the product is absorbed by your hair. 
  • Run a wide toothed comb through your hair for detangling and also distributing the serum. 
  • Style your hair as you please and watch your curls flourish for quite a long time. 

After applying the hair serum, you should wash your hands with warm water. You should also clean the area you used for application for your own safety and others.  

Can I use natural hair serum on my curly hair daily?

Unless a hair serum is labeled for daily use, you should not use natural hair serum daily. Despite of this hair serums being natural, they still have chemicals that are used as preservatives. 

This chemicals might react with some ingredients in your hair serum causing hair damage or even worse skin infections. 

Check the label and if it says for daily use, you can then use it daily. Even if the hair serum is labeled for daily use, ensure your apply on wet hair. 

When it comes to the question of how often you should use natural hair serum, use when it is necessary. Maybe twice a week or when you have a function to attend. 


We have very diversified hair types. For the curly hairs you will find people with silky and soft, others have a kinky and textured, while others are somewhere in between the two curly hair. 

When choosing a hair serum that will suit your hair, you will have to keep your hair type in your mind. Our guide above has all the tips you should use when choosing a hair serum for your curly hair. We have also given you some of the best natural hair serums in the market. 

Read the guide thoroughly then subscribe to this page for more beauty guidance.


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