How to Remove Concealer? – Updated For 2023

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Step 1: Use some wet wipes

Step 2: Use some cotton wool and coconut oil

Step 3: Use some warm water and a Shear butter soap

Step 4: Rub your face gently until all the concealer is off

Step 5: Use a gentle cleanser

Step 6: Use a tonner

Step 7: Moisturize your skin

Skin Cycling after concealer removal

If you knew the Complications of sleeping with makeup on, you would push yourself to clean the makeup before going to bed.

Considering how much concealer and makeup you put on our face, you will need to learn how to remove your concealer step by step without damaging your skin.

Specifically concealer and these methods can be use for removing other type of makeup too.

Concealer Removing Process – Stepwise

Considering how much makeup we use every time we do our make-up, you wouldn’t be doing your skin justice sleeping with makeup on.

You should therefore create a routine for makeup removal. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, I got you covered.

The same way you are taking too much time on your concealer routine is the same way you should be dedicated to removing the makeup. I will however give you a general procedure to remove any type of concealer.

Step 1: Use some wet wipes

The first step to remove all the loose makeup before getting to the hard stuff is to use some wet pipes.

Do not use wet wipes with some alcohol content. The alcohol content will dry your makeup and make it hard to remove.

If you have ordinary cream concealer, the wet wipes should remove the concealer at this point.

Step 2: Use some cotton wool and coconut oil

After removing the first layer of makeup using the wet wipes, apply some oil on a cotton pad or cotton wool and use I to wipe your face further.

Coconut oil will melt any type of concealer from your face including waterproof concealer.

Cleaning your face with coconut oil also makes the process easier, you, therefore, don’t have to use a lot of pressure on your skin.

Step 3: Use some warm water and a Shear butter soap

After removing all the makeup using some coconut oil, you can then go ahead to clean your face using some warm water and a shear butter soap.

Do not use a lot of pressure when cleaning the face to reduce the chances of inflammation.

Since shear butter soap does not use lye the component responsible for soaping, it won’t produce a lot of foam.

You should therefore use some warm water to make the soap easy to use.

Do not attempt to use bar soap because it will dry up your face.

Step 4: Rub your face gently until all the concealer is off

When cleaning your face using warm water and shear butter soap, massage your face gently to make sure all the concealer is off your skin.

Rub the face in a circular motion for about 2 minutes and rinse off the soap with some warm water.

Step 5: Use a gentle cleanser

After rinsing your face, you can use a cleanser to deep clean your face.

This will get rid of all the makeup that might have remained on your skin. 

Cleanse your face with warm water to remove the cleanser.

Step 6: Use a tonner

To ensure that you control the hyperpigmentation on your skin, use a tonner.

Massage your face using the tips of your finger to ensure all the tonner has entered deep into your skin.

You can also massage your face using a massaging tool to relax your face.

Step 7: Moisturize your skin

After getting rid of all the makeup and cleaning your face, the last step should be to moisturize your face. Do not use oil-based moisturizer if you have oily skin.

You can however add one drop of your favorite Essential oil to your moisturizer and some drops of water and massage your skin with the mixture. Essential oils help in relaxation. This table will help you to select the best moisturizer for your skin type.

Skin TypeFactors to Consider
Recommended Moisturizer
OilyNon-comedogenic, oil-free, lightweight and contain SPFNeutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin
DryHypoallergenic, fragrance-free, heavy hydration, ceramidesCeraVe Moisturizing Cream
SensitiveHypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-irritating, sensitive skin formulatedCetaphil Gentle Skin Moisturizer
CombinationLightweight, non-greasy, hydration, and contain SPFKiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer,
Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin
NormalBrightening, anti-aging, nourishing, hydration and contain SPFAveeno Positively Radiant, MaxGlow Moisturizer
How to select a best moisturizer as my skin type
Concealer removal process
Concealer Removal Process

Skin cycling after concealer removal- Trending 2023

Skin cycling is a trending beauty culture process of rotating different skincare products like moisturizers, serums, and creams. It keeps the skin from getting accustomed to a single product. This is important because when the skin becomes accustomed to a certain product, its effectiveness may decrease over time.

After concealer/makeup removal, it is important to use a gentle cleanser that is formulated for removing concealer without drying or stripping the skin of its natural oils.

As the skin cycling after concealer removal, It is using different moisturizers according to your skin type, and rotating them every few weeks, will help you to keep the skin nourished and hydrated and it provides time to have a breath to the skin.

This approach is beneficial because it allows the skin to receive a variety of different ingredients and benefits. It also allows you to determine which moisturizer is most suitable for your skin, and which one you should use for a particular time or day. Skin Cycling also helps you to avoid overuse of a product and avoid the skin becoming too dependent on it.

Don’t do this things for your healthy skin

Despite of the process of concealer removal being easy, there are somethings you should never do if your skin to remain healthy for a long time.

1. Do not use bar soap

Bar soap contain lye a soaping agent which can suck moisture from your skin faster leading to cracked skin.

2. Avoid alcohol contain makeup removal

Avoid concealer removal agents that have some alcohol content. Alcohol is also a drying agent and the percentage level of alcohol in this products are very high. You don’t know what might happen to your skin.

3. Do not use too much hot water

Hot water might remove some makeup but it will be very uncomfortable to use hot water. You might end up burning and damaging your skin.

Avoid using too much pressure on your skin. The guide above will help you remove concealer and all makeup with ease. Read and try out the process and see how you will never use pressure on the skin.

Why do you need to remove concealer?

If you have ready my Master guide of concealer, you sure know different techniques of applying concealer.

You also know by now that have to remove the concealer and the entire makeup before retiring to bed.

In this guide I will tell you why you should remove concealer and what would happen if you do not remove concealer after a long day.

Let’s get started.

1. Your face behind the concealer needs to be taken care of

Makeup only fulfills it’s intended purpose of enhancing your natural beauty if done right.

After every full day with concealer and makeup on, the first step you should take after getting home is removing the concealer and makeup. Your bare skin needs to be cleaned and moisturized.

2. Some concealers have ingredients that suck moisture out of the skin

Some ingredients written on the cover of the concealer bottle have some alcohol content that can suck all the moisture from your skin.

If you follow my guide on how to apply concealer, you can see I included a primer in the process.

The moisture provided by the primer will only last you not more than 12 hours.

After 12 hours, the makeup will start reaching your skin. This might lead to the makeup damaging your skin.

3. Unless you have permanent makeup on, the makeup will get spoiled

Cosmetic concealer is not permanent. After a few hours, it will start running off.

Considering you will have to remove makeup to apply freshly, you can as well remove the makeup after getting home. Having spoiled makeup is not cute.

4. Your skin needs to breath

No matter how good makeup is, at the end of the day, your bare skin needs to breath.

Sleeping with makeup on will clog all your pores which can lead to very serious skin breakouts.

You can scrub your skin using a gentle scrubber if you want your skin to be always fresh and youthful.

5. Removal of accumulated dust

If you have been wearing your makeup outside the whole day, there are high chances that you have accumulated a lot of dust.

The dust accumulated might lead to some skin infections which can be very difficult to heal.

What will happen if you sleep with concealer?

If you do not remove makeup at the end of the day, you might face hard time dealing with serious skin damages. In other times, your skin can even get burned.

  • Your concealer might have some alcohol content draw moisture from your skin. If your skin dries up too much, you might get some painful cracks.
  • Some concealers are too heavy and blocking your pores makes your skin react by releasing some skin breakouts. The breakouts are treatable if you start treating the early stages. If you continue applying and sleeping with makeup on even when you have the breakouts, your skin might become worse and even get burned.
  • Makeup accumulates a lot of dust, sleeping with dust will make your skin grown some wrinkles and even make your bedding soiled. You don’t want that happening.

Basically, removing makeup before retiring to bed is a good step that you should incorporate on your everyday routine.

Is it painful to remove concealer?

Not at all. Unless you have permanent makeup on, removing concealer is not that complicated.

You can use some wipes, warm water, and any other cleansers. Since most concealers will melt after being touched by wet stuff, it is not painful to remove makeup.

When wiping makeup off your face, do not use a lot of pressure on your face.

For waterproof concealers, you can use some cleansers with some oil components to remove the concealer.

Instead of damaging your skin, use this guide to remove concealer and the entire makeup from your face.


With the guide above and some will, you will never feel the need to sleep with makeup on again. In fact, you will be asking yourself when you are getting home so that you can remove makeup and enjoy your natural skin once more. Strive to take good care of your skin, and see how good you will look.

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