Guide to Waterproof Concealer

There is nothing discouraging like your concealer makeup sweating off even before the day ends.

Imagine feeling the need to rush to the washroom to do a touch up on your wedding day. Luckily, I do not want you to experience such a thing.

If you want to enjoy your day with your makeup intact, then you should consider investing in a waterproof concealer.

They are way expensive than buying the basic concealer. However, It is worth every cent you spend.

If you cannot afford waterproof concealer, you can use some of the hacks that I will give you in this guide. Keep reading this guide to up your makeup game on a budget.

Guide to waterproof concealer

Investing in a waterproof concealer will take your makeup game a bit further than ordinary concealer. Considering how expensive waterproof concealer is, you might find yourself struggling to get a new bottle.

Concealer applications

When times like that come crawling, you don’t have to worry. We have borrowed some hacks from celebrity makeup artists on how they make their client’s makeup last a whole day.

Applying concealer by now is not a huge task if you have been using my master guide of concealer.

Fortunately, even applying waterproof concealer does not have a unique procedure of application. We will therefore discuss top five waterproof concealer and what makes it better than ordinary concealer.

Why You Need Waterproof Concealer?

If you want your makeup to last longer than it would probably last is buying a waterproof concealer. Waterproof Concealer had so much benefits than any other ordinary concealer would offer;

Waterproof concealer can change your wedding day
Waterproof concealer can change your wedding day
  • Waterproof Concealer will last more than 12 hours without the need for touchups.
  • Most waterproof concealers offer full coverage and uses lightweight formula.
  • Waterproof Concealer is fade proof
  • Most waterproof concealer are made using high-quality ingredients. You can therefore be assured that your skin will benefit on the process.
  • You do not need to use a lot of products to achieve the coverage you need.
  •  If you are doing your makeup for a wedding, there will be a lot of hugging and dancing. A waterproof concealer will make your makeup stay intact the whole day.

Despite of all the benefits of waterproof concealers, there are things you should check when buying a concealer. All this factors will be discussed below.

Things to consider while buying waterproof concealer

There are quite a number of waterproof concealer in the market. However, settling for one can be a huge challenge.

Some of the things you should be checking for when buying a waterproof concealer are;

1. Concealer color

Concealer shades
Concealer shades

Before settling for a concealer, you will have to check if the shade of concealer matches with your undertones. 

You can try the concealer behind your palm if you are buying the concealer from a drug store.

Chose a concealer one shade lighter or one shade darker if you can’t find a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Use a concealer shade finder tools available all over the internet if you are buying your concealer online.

2. Coverage

When buying a waterproof concealer, the coverage provided is as important as the shade.

Go for medium to full coverage depending on other makeup products you will be using

Coverage offered by a concealer determines the amount of concealer you will use on your face.

If a concealer offers full coverage, you might need to use only a small amount on your face than when using a light coverage concealer.

3. Ingredients

The ingredients used to make the concealer are as important as the quality of the products.

Waterproof Concealers formulated without Sulfates, talc, Formaldehyde, parabens and phthalates which are not good for your skin.

On the other hand concealer infused with Aloe extract and coconut milk are for a perfect natural glowing skin.

4. Price

Price of concealer should be considered
Price of concealer should be considered

Do not buy a concealer that will break you bank. Always work with your budget.

It is however said that cheap is expensive. Don’t be enticed with cheap concealers. They might have some ingredients that can damage your skin in an instance.

5. Brand

There are brands that are known for their quality products.

So, when buying a waterproof concealer, going for the famous brands will save you the struggle of having to deal with low quality products.

You can watch YouTube videos of people using the concealer you are going for before buying. This will help you determine the consistency of the concealer.

6. Weight of the concealer

You wouldn’t want a concealer that is heavy on your skin. Most best waterproof concealers have a reduced water and air content. This makes this concealers lightweight. Meaning, there are reduced chances of you sweating as a result of your pores being clogged and washing out with water while you are swimming.

7. Expiry date

The expiry date of the concealer determines how long you will use it before it goes bad

Always ensure you pick a concealer that has not lasted more than 6 months in the shelves.

Concealers have a one year life span after being used for the first time.

8. Review

The last step before buying a concealer is checking other buyers reviews.

Do not buy a concealer if other people are complaining about the concealer of your choice

There are a lot of cons in the makeup industry. Always check to see if the brand you are going for is legit.

It might be hard to differentiate between a fake brand and a legit brand.

To reduce the chances of buying fake products, buy from known retailers like Amazon.

L’Oreal Paris Waterproof Matte Concealer

  • For acne prone skin
  • Cream Form
  • Matte Finish, Full Coverage

If you cannot afford or access a waterproof concealer, you can use the ordinary concealer but with some smart hacks it will last longer.

Follow this hacks as you do your makeup next time and tell me about the difference.

Top 8 hacks to make your concealer waterproof

If you want your makeup to last longer, you better carry out your normal skin care routine

1. Prep your face

If you do not have a routine, you better create one, or use of the most common routine used by beauty gurus.

Prepping your face reduce the buildup of dry skin. It also makes skin imperfections a bit better.

  • Scrubbing for example will provide a smooth surface for your concealer.
  • Skin corrector will make the imperfections look a bit faded. With faded imperfections, you do not need to use a lot of concealer and in return it will last longer.

2. Use a Primer

Using a primer before applying a concealer will provide a smooth surface for concealer application.

If your are using a creamy concealer, a water-based primer will make your makeup flowy for easy application.

A primer will also make your makeup last longer.

Do not use a silicone-based primer if you have dry skin.

Silicone-based primer contains some alcohol content that draws moisture from your skin which might end up damaging your skin.

3. Use a setting powder

Setting powder before concealer
Setting powder before concealer

Setting powder will make your makeup last longer than it would have lasted without using a setting powder.

  • After applying the concealer, use some loose powder to let the makeup bake.
  • Let the powder sit for 5 minutes as you do eye makeup.
  • Use a fluffy brush to get rid of excess powder.
  • Use a blush

A blush will not only highlight your distinctive features, it also helps lock the makeup in.

Use the blush on your jaw bones, your nose bridge, and your chin

Apply the blush using an angled brush to apply on those places.

4. Seal your makeup

If you want your makeup to last longer than it would probably do, you can use a sealant

Pour some drops of sealant on a bowl and dip the brush.

Use the brush to tap your face and let the sealant settle in. Your concealer after that will last up to 12 hours.

5. Use a setting spray

A setting spray is the best alternative for a loose finish powder. Setting spray does not interfere with the color of the makeup.

Spray from a distance to ensure only the required amount of spray reaches your face.

6. Use a cream concealer

You might be tempted to think that liquid concealer will last longer than any other concealer. This is further from the truth, liquid concealer will sweat off faster making you do a lot of touch ups.

Liquid concealer will sweat off faster, So use cream concealer

Cream concealer is the best when it comes being waterproof. Most cream concealer has reduces water and air content.

It will therefore lock in the skin faster and for longer. Ensure the color of the concealer matches your skin undertones.

7. Use a dampened beauty blender

Before learning this hack, I was always fishing for ways to make makeup last longer.

Not until I discovered that a damp beauty blender will help your makeup last longer and enable easy blending.

Dip the beauty blender in water and then tap the blender on your concealer.

Learning how to transform your ordinary concealer into a waterproof concealer is not something that require expertise to achieve. With a lot of practice and this guide, you can learn to turn your makeup to last you hours.

Even you use concealer for under eye circles, you should choose a concealer that matches your skin undertones.


There are some very amazing concealers in the market. However settling for one might be the trickiest part. If you are in the market shopping for a waterproof concealer, then the list above will be of so much great help for you.

Try out several of these concealers until you find one that works best for your skin.

If you cannot afford a waterproof concealer, you can use some hacks provided in the guide above to turn your ordinary concealer into a waterproof concealer. Celebrities have been doing it for long and it has been working. It will definitely work for you.

If you are starting your makeup journey, this page will be helpful when giving you new hacks and tricks. Follow but subscribing so that you never miss on new information.

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