What does hair serum do?

If you have ever been into a hair beauty store or a cosmetic shop, you might have seen different types of products. Some of them you might know some you don’t even have an idea what they do. 

The beauty industry is filled with lots of products that fulfill different purposes. You might be needing this products but you might not know. 

Luckily, I made a some researched and spoke to a number of hair professionals on some of the products that can be helpful to your hair. 

In today’s guide, I will discuss what hair serum does and how you can use it to perform the intended purpose. 

Let’s get started. 

What is the purpose of hair serum?

Hair serum is a liquid of hair treatment formulated using silicone, amino acids, and hydrolyzed protein. 

Silicone main purpose is to create a protective layer between your hair and the environmental factors that might affect your hair in many different ways. 

Amino acids are helpful when it comes to repairing damaged hair, nourishing your hair and providing your hair with the much needed nutrients. 

As for the hydrolyzed protein, they reduce the static charge that is responsible for flyaways. 


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When all the ingredients are combined together they do more than any other hair product can do. Some of the things hair serum do include;

Straightens your hair

Not everyone has natural straight hair. Some of use result into using heat and other chemicals to attempt into making their straight. 

Since your hair is not naturally straight, you might end up damaging your hair permanently. 

Apply hair serum on a dampened hair up and straighten your hair using a wide toothed comb. The silicone will add on weight to you hair causing it to stay straight.

Adds shine to your natural hair

The main component of hair serum is silicone. Silicone has some properties that reflects light which in turn makes your hair look shiny than it is naturally. 

Smoothen your naturally hair

When your hair is straightened, shiny and vibrant, it will definitely look smooth. Instead of using heat to and other chemicals to make your hair look smooth, you can achieve the same thing on your natural hair by adding a hair serum.

A hair serum will create a smooth surface on your hair (helps hair growth). If you run a comb through your hair when the product is still wet, the hair serum will lock in your hair completely. 

The surface will make your hair look smooth and feel smooth.

Enhances natural curls

If you have a natural curly hair, you probably struggle to find hair products that help enhance your curls while not making your hair feel extra dry. Since most gels achieve the first part of enhancing your natural curls, it surely dries up your hair which feels uncomfortable. 

Luckily, there are some hair serums that contains some hydrating properties and still has the same protective properties of hair serum.

So, the hydrating properties of the serum will enhance the serum making your hair curly and also for a long time. 

Rejuvenates dry hair

Having an oily skin but dry hair can be so much uncomfortable. Trying to make oil work on your dry hair and oily scalp is always a fail. 

So, if you want to match the feel of your hair and the scalp, you need to deal with your dry hair. Besides, if you can’t use hair oil to rejuvenate, you sure do need to use something. 

You can use some hair moisturizer and then apply hair serum to lock in the moisture. 

After a few weeks of using a combination of moisturizer and hair serum, your hair will definitely catch up with your scalp. 

Makes your hair silky

There is no luxurious feeling like running your fingers through your hair without them getting stuck. Although, most of us end up using harsh products to achieve the silky hair feel, this products end up damaging your natural hair. 

Since your hair is not meant to take in harsh products, you might consider using a hair serum to achieve the silky hair feel. 

  • Wash your hair perfectly to remove all the products that might be held in your hair. 
  • Shampoos can be a little bit harsh to your hair and stripping your hair all it’s natural oils. 
  • So, to achieve the silky and neat hair look, use a gentle conditioner on your hair. 
  • Once your hair is perfectly washed, apply a moisturizer and other products that will make your hair soft. 
  • You can then apply a hair serum on your hair. Do not touch the roots of your hair with the hair serum. Hair serum might also have some ingredients that might be harsh to your scalp making it itchy and possible causing some rashes. 
  • Massage your hair gently for all the products to be locked in and ensure every part of your hair gets the serum. 
  • Run a wide toothed comb to ensure that your hair is not tangled. 

After this routine, you hair will be too silky and you got to enjoy it being straight, silky and soft. 

Prevents your hair from tangling and making knots

Do you know when your hair is dry and it starts to tangle and make knots, this where your hair starts to get damaged. If you don’t good care of your hair when this starts to happen, you might end up dealing with lots of hair damage and even hair loss.

Instead of using relaxers and heat to straighten your hair and prevent it from tangling, you can try hair serum. 

The silicone in the hair serum will create a protective surface on your hair strands, make your hair straight and smooth. This in turn prevents your hair from tangling and knotting. 

You can then be assured that your will remain healthy and vibrant throughout.

Treating damaged hair

Recovering from damaged hair state got to be the hardest part of dealing with natural hair. You have to deal with your hair changing it texture, ends splitting too much, having lots of flyaways and your hair looking dry that normal. 

There are few products in the hair industry that promises to repair damaged hair. While the products can work, they take longer and in the process you might end up dealing with more damages on the process. 

For the products to work, you might be forced to try out protective hairstyles. Bit that is not a must. 

What would you feel if I told you that hair serum are the right way of dealing with damaged hair?

When you apply hair serum on your hair, it will create a protective layer that allows the other products to work as they are expected. The other products found inside the hair serum will also aid into repairing your damaged hair.

  • If you notice your hair is extremely damaged, you should stop on the products that you have been using. 
  • Wish your hair with a gentle shampoo and then use a conditioner to soften your hair. 
  • If your hair has a lot of split ends, you can trim the hair by yourself. This might be scary but it is the right thing to do for your hair. 
  • After trimming your hair, you can rinse your hair with a conditioner again to remove any fallen hair. 
  • Rinse the hair again with warm water and then apply a moisturizer. The moisturizer will enable your hair to be hydrated.
  • Go in with the right products for hair rejuvenation. 
  • Massage your hair and the scalp for a few minutes to ensure all the products get into the scalp. 
  • When your hair is still damp, pour some hair serum on your hands. 
  • Rub your hands for a few minutes to melt the hair serum. 
  • Apply the serum from the edge of your hair going into the middle part of your hair.
  • Part your hair in small sections to ensure every part of your hair gets the product.
  • Massage your hair well to ensure the hair serum is well incorporated with your hair.
  • Take a wide toothed comb and run it through your hair. 

Let the hair serum do it’s job over a few days and then repeat the process. 

Controls frizz

Natural hair has to go through a lot of issues both from the environment and other hair products. 

For example, humidity, change in temperatures, relaxers, hair dyes and other factors always results into natural hair frizz. 

Luckily, hair serum has all it takes to control frizz. 

For starters, hair serum contains silicone that is usually waterproof. When humidity hits your hair, you can be assured your hair will remain intact.

Another thing, hydrolyzed protein an ingredient found in the hair serum controls the static charge that is responsible for flyaways, split ends and frizz. 

No matter how good hair serum is, using it the wrong way definitely leads to hair damage and hair loss.

This are a few things you should do to ensure the hair serum works as intended;

  • Apply hair serum on damp hair. Hair serum contains silicone that has some drying effects on your hair.
  • Do not apply hair serum on your scalp. Some of the ingredients used in the hair serum will dry up your scalp and strip off it’s natural oils which will lead to irritation, inflammation, and even rashes. 
  • Don’t go for cheap, hair serum. If you don’t know how to buy hair serum, check my introduction to hair serum guide for assistance. You can also ask assistance from a hair professional.
  • Do not apply hair serum every day. Hair serum contains some harsh ingredients and some drying properties that might end up damaging your hair even more. 
  • Apply hair moisturizer before applying hair serum. Even though the hair serum contains some hydrating properties, the moisture provided is not enough to make your hair remain hydrated throughout. 


If you have been seeing hair serum in the beauty store and you don’t know what it does, you are in the right place. 

For starters, hair serum works best than any other hair products in the market. It can control frizz, repairs damaged hair, and many other purposes. 

So, to know if you need hair serum, which you probably do, read the guide above. The guide will give you all the things you should do to make sure the hair serum works perfectly for your hair. 

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