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Are you still wondering what is hair chalk? Don’t worry I’m also curious about the hair chalk when I used it the first time on my hair.  

It is a short-term hair coloring method that comes in tiny sticks or else compacts. Everyone thinks of regular chalk when it’s seen.  

So, I hope to share my own hair chalk coloring experience with you all. No more time wasting let’s start. 

What is hair chalk? 

Hair chalk is a short-term hair coloring product that anyone can easily pop up their hair in vibrant colors

Here they don’t need any professional hairdressing help to color their hair.  

It offers a wide range of colors, such as bright and bold to more natural colors as well. You can style hair with highlights, ombre effects, or else complete hair color as well.  

Various hair chalk products
Various hair chalk products in the market

Hair chalk considers as safer and non-toxic than other hair colors. Because it does not make up harsh chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide. In the end, you can simply wash it out using shampoo and water.  

You can able to color your hair without damage and healthier way using hair chalk.  

What is hair chalk made of? 

Hair chalk is comprised of multiple ingredients such as color pigments, binders, and fillers. The coloring pigments are made up of mineral powders,food-grade dyes, or else synthetic color agents.  

Iron oxide, titanium dioxide, carbon black, mica, and chromium oxide green are some of examples coloring agents in your hair chalk products.  

The binders are supported for color pigments to adhere to the hair shaft. Those are made up of wax, gum, or resin.  

The fillers are used for enhancing the volume of the product which are examples of talc, mica, or else Kaolin clay. Sometimes other than those materials fragrances and conditioning agents can be used in products. 

What does hair chalk do on your hair? 

After the application of hair chalk that is short-termly bound to the hair shaft.

Color pigments in hair chalk always cover the outer layer of the hair shaft which is called a hair cuticle

The way of hair chalk sits on your hair can vary for several reasons such as your hair color condition, and texture, product quality as well as how you can apply it to hair.  

Sometimes you apply it to your wet hair, chalk can saturate the hair more easily. But on the other hand, if you apply it to dry hair the color may be more delicate.  

Some of you have experienced the hair chalk deposit on the hair shaft in a light powder form or else chalky form. But it can be smoothed or blended easily by combing or brushing your hair.  

But some kinds of hair chalks do not deposit on the hair shaft because they consist of binders that support for pigments to adhere well to hair with longtime stability.  

If your hair chalk is not properly sealed then it may be transferred to your clothes, skin as well as any contact surface.  

Moreover, you’re over application or else you have applied to already damaged hair may result in dryness in your hair.  

Depending on our hair type as well as the product quality the removal of hair chalk may be difficult. Especially cheap and low-quality products are more prone to those issues.  

Is hair chalk safe?  

Yes, According to most of the reviews and my readings, it is a safer way of temporary hair coloring. Because ammonia and peroxide like harsh chemicals do not contain in those products.  

However, we can’t be assured 100% in every situation, because your application method or else brand can be varied the possibility of safety issues.  

If you own very sensitive skin or else have allergic reaction history (redness, itching, or swelling) may be a small chance of risk of allergic reactions.  

So, it is better to consult a dermatologist before choosing a hair chalk product or else do a patch test.  

You need to apply a small amount of hair chalk to your skin behind the ear or inside the elbow and wait for 24 hours to identify any allergic reactions that occur.

Furthermore, if you choose cheap products that can contain harsh chemicals that cause skin irritations. 

But in the other hand, reputable and high–quality brands consist of safe ingredients and all the manufacturing procedures are done with quality testing and safety standards.  

New Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Hair Color Dye

  • Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red
  • For normal hair

So, there is no or less possibility of safety risks with high-quality and reputed hair chalk products. Therefore, always prefer high-quality brands rather than inexpensive products.  

Sometimes you are unawareness may cause safety risks. For example, if you use spray-on hair chalk without keeping a safe distance to your head then it causes you for inhaling the product.  

Moreover, make sure to apply the product more evenly to prevent clusters that cause skin irritations or damage to your hair.  

How long does hair chalk last?  

In general, hair chalk color last for 1-2 days or else until your first wash

But we can’t exactly mention the lasting period of hair chalk and it depends on your hair chalk quality, your hair color, and how frequently you wash the hair.  

Moreover, your hair texture, your hair exposure to water, and the amount of hair chalk used on hair are a few factors that affect the lasting period.  

In my own experience often exposed to water and low-quality hair chalk are more prone to easy rubbing off hair colors than other factors. 

So, if you are interested in more stuff on lasting periods and their factors affecting go through our separate article. 

How to use hair chalk?   

First of all, clean and wash your hair thoroughly and dry your hair. After that, choose your needed hair chalk and apply it to your hair.  

Applying hair chalk on hair
Applying hair chalk on hair

You can easily apply it using an applicator brush or rubbing the chalk directly on hair. Make sure to equally distribute color throughout your hair.  

If you can achieve the desired color, then keep it dry within a few minutes. You can use a flat iron or a curling iron on low heating to set colors stably.

Finally, wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. For more stuff, you can refer to our separate article on hair chalk application.  

Where to buy hair chalk? 

Here I have mentioned some reputed and high-quality hair chalk products can you easily shop from your supermarkets or beauty shops.  

  1. L’Oreal Paris Hair Chalk  

This product comes in five bold, show-dropping shades and three subtle tones as well as it offers a mini applicator brush for ease of use. The hair color will stay for 2- 10 shampoos, and it is stained resistant.  

And also, the colors are shiny and vibrant and easy to apply and remove. The new chalks come in a liquid form as well which is easier than the stick form.   

  1. Kevin Murphy Color Bug 

The Kevin Murphy Color Bug comes in a compact container with four 4 shades pink, purple, orange, and white.  

It allows you to easily color up your hair by rubbing the required color bug onto the hair strands.  

Furthermore, it facilitates ease of removal with shampoo. It consists of beeswax and kaolin clay to smooth and nourish your hair as well.  

  1. MS DEAR Temporary Hair Chalk  

The product comes in 8 vibrant shades such as white, silver, green, purple, wine red, pink, yellow, and blue, and easy to apply using the included comb.  

The product comprises deionized water, glycerol, and pearl luster. Moreover, it does not rub off clothes and skin as well as easy to wash.  

  1. Splat Hair Chalk  

The hair chalk sets come in five shades and it is easy to apply using included sponge applicator.  You can apply it to your wet hair and easily remove it with shampoo.  

Wrapping Things Up 

Hair chalk color gives you wings to style your hair with vibrant hues. So, this blog article discovers more about hair chalk, how it makes up, its lasting period, the way of application, safety, what it does to your hair, and where you can buy them. So, I think most of the stuff you need to know is to cover up our article. No more worries let’s try it out. 

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