What is hair serum made of?

Hair serum is one of the most versatile hair product. You will find a hair serum from dry, oily, curly, silky, or even straight hair. 

For a product to work for different hair types, it must have some of most quality ingredients that complements each other. 

What are the ingredients used in hair serum?

Although there are some ingredients that are used in all types of hair serums, others are only used some. This guide will discuss all the ingredients used in a hair serum and what they work towards. Don’t go anywhere. 

What Is hair serum made of?

Of all the hair products in the market, there is no hair product has so many benefits as hair serum. 

Hair serum will add shine to your hair, make your hair look more silky, and protect your hair against any conditions that might affect your hair in any way. With this benefits and others, what should you look for in a hair serum?


No matter what type of hair you have or which type of hair serum you are going for, silicone should be the first ingredients you should for in a hair serum. 

Silicone in itself is waterproof. When you apply a hair serum with silicone on your hair, it will seal your hair strands protecting it from environmental conditions that might affect your hair. 

Silicone also reflects light which in turn makes your hair look shiny. Aside from making your hair shiny, silicone also adds weight to your hair strands making your hair appear straight and for a long time. 


When shopping for a hair serum for hair growth, Minoxidil is one of the ingredients that could be used. 

Although Minoxidil can be sold separately as a prescribed medication, having it in a hair serum could be beneficial. 

Minoxidil balances the flow of blood in your scalp. This in turn promotes growth of new hair strands. 


Most hair serums contains some proteins and amino acids. 

Proteins will enhance the repair of damage hair by strengthening new and existing hair strands. 

Hydrolyzed protein which is one of the most common used proteins in hair serum will control the static charge that causes hair frizz, flyaways and split ends. 

Other proteins that you are likely to find in anti-frizz hair serums include; vegetables, soy, and wheat proteins. 


Despite of hair serums having silicone to protect your hair from damaging factors, some serums will add sealants. 

Most sealants are formulated using butters like mango and Shea butter. This kind of sealant will keep your hair hydrated while also protecting it against conditions that might damage your hair.

Essential oils

One thing that causes hair damage is dehydration. While all these other products will be focused on making your hair look good for the eyes, you will need an ingredient in hair serums that work behind the scenes to make your hair healthy and boost growth. 

It is for this reason most hair serums will use different essential oils. 

Rosemary essential functions the same way minoxidil does. It enhances the circulation of blood on your scalp which in return boost hair growth. 

Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood essential oils also boost hair growth while also reducing dandruffs.

Avocado, castor, coconut and Almond essential oil are other essential oils that are commonly used in hair serums.


Aside from proteins, most hair serum brands will throw in some vitamins in their products. 

Vitamin B3/ Niacinamide and vitamin B5 also known as panthenol are some of the most common vitamins added to hair serums. This two vitamins will prevent immature ageing of hair follicles and also protect your hair against factors that might cause hair damage. 

The discussed ingredients are not the only ingredients you will find in a hair serum. For a hair serum to last as long as it can, some chemicals are added as preservatives. 

If brands have to invest in all these ingredients, then hair serum might have so many benefits. What does hair serum do?

Hair serum does a lot of good things to your hair. This benefits will be discussed below. 

What does hair serum do?

What is hair serum do

Protects your hair against factors that might damage your hair

Natural hair might look cute. However, the process of taking care of your hair might be more complicated that you think. 

Your hair will be easily damaged by humidity, heat, and even other hair products. 

While it is hard to tell when this factors might dawn on your hair, using hair serum on your hair will reduce the chances that this factors might damage your hair.

For example, if you want to straighten your hair, applying hair serum before using heat on your hair will protect your hair against heat damage. 

Another instance is when you want to go for a swim. Even after wearing a swimming gear, some water might find it’s way to your hair. A hair serum on the other hand will create a coating on your hair that will protect your hair against the effects of water on your hair. 

Defines your natural curls

Maintaining your hair natural curls can be so much work. Some products will promise to make your curls pop only for them to end up drying your hair. 

Fortunately, hair serum that has some hydrating properties will make your natural curls pop. While silicone and other sealants will make your curls last longer. 

Makes your hair straight

You don’t have to use heat or relaxers to make your hair appear straight. A touch of hair serum will add weight to your hair strands. This will tame your hair the way you want it. 

After applying hair serum, silicone will also ensure that no environmental factors that might cause your hair to shrink access your hair. 

Adds shine to your hair

Hair that looks dull is quite unattractive. You might be inclined to use hair oils on your hair. Sadly, oils might also make your hair to become too greasy. 

Applying hair serum will not only make your hair appear smoother, and straight. Silicone which is the main component of hair serum also reflects light. This will make your hair appear shiny that it usually is. 

Hydrolyzed protein which is also an ingredient found on hair serum reduces static charge responsible for frizz, flyaways, and split ends. It also prevents your hair from making knots and tangling. This also contributes to your hair appearing shiny and sleek. 

Makes oily hair more manageable

Controlling oily hair can be such a hustle. If your sebaceous glands keep producing oil, you will have to deal with your hair looking too greasy. 

While this oils might be beneficial to your hair, when the oils are in excess you will have to deal with your hair appearing unkempt.

Luckily, hair serum contains silicone which has some alcohol content. Alcohol will strip off your hair some of it natural oils. When your hair oils are reduced, you can achieve Amy hair style that you are going for.

Hair serum will not only strip your hair it’s natural oils, it also creates a coating on your hair strands. This coating will prevent any oils from oozing from your hair and interfering with your style. 

Hair serum will ensure you look snatched d wherever you. For a hair serum to achieve all it promises, you should use the right hair serum for your hair type. You should also learn to apply hair serum the right way. 


Even with the many available hair products in the market, there is no hair product that can achieve what hair serum does. 

Hair serum will protect your hair against environmental conditions that might damage your hair, make your hair look sleek, and also work towards making your hair healthy and vibrant.

All this benefits are made possible by a combination of some of the most beneficial ingredients. Some of the ingredients used in hair serum will perform more than one role on your hair. 

When shopping for a short serum, you should check if the ingredients listed in the guide above are present. 

If the hair serum lacks most of the ingredients, then it might end counterfeited or of low quality. 

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