What is Temporary Hair Color Wax?

Temporary hair color is one of the most hyped products nowadays. People including both men and women are getting crazy over it. I’m sure you are one of them too.

One of the most attractive features of temporary hair color that is catching the attention of most people is that it is temporary and you can get rid of it within a very short time.

So, it is getting more popular and loved by people who are fond of experimenting with different colors on their hair.

So, what temporary hair color wax actually is? We know you are here to confirm whether the rumors and the outstanding feedback you heard about it are all true.

We will be revealing that to you in this article. So that, you can figure out if it is worth buying or not. So, just keep on reading!

What is temporary hair color wax?

Temporary hair color wax is a temporary hair coloring product that lasts until you wash your hair.

While the traditional hair coloring method is semi-permanent and remains wash-proof for a very long time, it also damages the hair severely.

And so, people who love coloring their hair get their hair damaged very soon by trying different colors one after another.

But the temporary hair wax is a dream product for people who want to color their hair but not damage it. 

The temporary hair color wax is almost similar to that of hair paint wax. 

However, while hair paint wax uses a beeswax base for coloring the hair, temporary hair color wax uses a cream base.

And so, unlike most other hair waxes, temporary hair color wax does not look or feel sticky and thick on the hair and holds the shape of the hair perfectly by minimizing hair flyaway.

The temporary hair color wax might fade away a bit if touched and handled too much. 

And it completely washes out when it comes into contact with a full force of water such as during taking a shower.

How does temporary hair color wax work?

Temporary hair color wax is an ultra-pigmented wax that is specially produced to color the hair temporarily without any damage or irritation.

It contains very natural ingredients that are gentle and basic. Thus, they are also harmless to the hair for the short time frame of use.

It works by coating the strands of the hair where the color touches with creamy temporary pigments.

You have the option to choose from a diverse range of colors to color your hair with the temporary hair color wax.

And it is also easy to combine two or more colors together on the hair and create different shades and ombres without any chances of overlapping.

It does not feel heavy like many other hair waxes and maintains the shape of the hair along with the vibrant temporary color.

Can temporary hair color wax be used in all hair types?

Yes, temporary hair color wax can definitely be used in all hair types and styles. However, people with highly sensitive or damaged hair should avoid using it too frequently.

Because this can deteriorate the condition of their hair. However, temporary hair colors are best for curly hair.

It can be used with full coverage on curly hair. On the contrary, full coverage of temporary hair color wax on straight hair is not a good idea.

Because the temporary hair color wax holds the strands of the hair stiff for which it is hard to style. 

However, if you want you can use it after styling the hair but still not as full coverage.

In straight hairs, temporary hair color wax can be used to create streaks of vibrant colors on the tail and the bangs of the hair.

How long does hair color wax last?

The temporary hair color wax might fade away a bit if touched and handled too much.

And it completely washes out when it comes into contact with a full force of water such as during taking a shower.

However, even if the color pigment washes out just by the contact of water, the wax residues might still remain on the hair strands.

That is why to remove the wax residues, you should wash your hair with shampoo properly after the use of temporary hair color wax.

However, if you do not wash your hair and resist it from coming into the contact with water or any other liquid, the color might stay a bit longer, such as about three to four days until it is washed.

Moreover, the life span of the color can be expanded by not touching it more frequently. If you need you to touch it lightly to prevent the vibrance of the color from fading away.

Many people think that the more amount of wax you apply, the longer it will stay. But that is not really true.

The lifespan of the temporary hair color wax solely depends on the way you handle it and prevent it from water and other liquid.

Does temporary hair color wax damage hair?

Usually, the temporary hair color wax does not damage hair. It does not contain any ingredient that is harmful to the hair.

Whereas, permanent hair colors are very damaging to the hair. They stay on the hair as a coating for a long time and destroy the pH level of the hair even after a single use.

However, this does not happen in the case of temporary hair color wax as they do not last on the hair for a long time.

Though if you overuse the temporary hair color wax, there is a chance your hair will get a bit discolored as this will also disturb the pH balance of your hair.

Therefore, as long as you are using the temporary hair color wax occasionally as a temporary product, it will not harm your hair.

Does temporary hair color wax wash out?

Yes, if you wash your hair after applying the temporary hair color wax, it will immediately wash away.

However, if you do not rinse your hair with your hands and keep it in contact with water for a very small amount of time, then it might not completely wash away.

In that case, you might find the color of the hair fading away. And there is a good chance that it will completely remove if you rub or rinse your wet hair after a wash.

Also, washing the hair just with water might not even completely remove the wax from the hair.

You should use shampoo properly while washing hair with temporary hair color wax to avoid residues of wax buildup in your hair.

It is important because the residues building up on your hair strands have the ability to gradually damage your hair quality and ruin the pH balance of the hair.

Moreover, if you want to have a bath by keeping the temporary hair color intact on your hair, you can simply use a hair cap to shelter the colored hair from water.

In this way, you will not have to avoid your showering routine but can also keep the hair out of contact with water.

How to apply temporary hair color wax?

If you have ever applied a hair color on your hair before by yourself, be it permanent or temporary, it is as easy as water for you.

Because coloring the hair using temporary hair color wax is similar to coloring it with any other hair color.

However, while many users use brushes to color the hair, it is not an appropriate option for coloring with temporary hair color wax.

Because it will not be able to distribute the color evenly on the hair strands. And a lot of wax will be wasted on the bristles of the brush. Therefore, it is not a sustainable option as well.

The best way to apply the temporary hair color wax is by using your hands. However, it is not recommended to use the hands barely to apply the wax

Because it might create stains to remain on your hands. Therefore, it is better to use skin-tight disposable gloves on your hands while applying the hair color wax.

It is better to divide the hair into small sections before applying. And then, each section should be covered evenly before moving to the next section.

Does temporary hair color wax stain?

Temporary hair color wax does not stain the hair. Because it is not a dye that gets into the hair cells. It is a wax that coats the top of the hair and washes away with water.

Thus, there is no way, temporary hair color wax will stain the hair. However, it might stain your clothes if not washed immediately after getting into contact with them.

Thus, it is better to wear an old T-shirt that you don’t mind getting stained while applying the temporary hair color wax.

Final Words

I hope I was able to provide a complete idea about temporary hair color wax. Now, go try it!

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