What is temporary hair color? Complete guide

Are you interested in temporary hair colors? But before applying temporary hair colors you should know more on achieve stunning looks.  

So, I hope this blog, gives you a complete guide on temporary hair colors. Come join us without wasting time anymore.  

What is temporary hair color?  

It is a short-term hair dye that coats the outside of your hair shaft without penetrating the cuticle or damaging your hair.

That means it is safer than permanent hair colors and easily rinse out with water.  

These colored pigments are suspended in a gel or liquid and you can easily apply them using a brush, spray, or other applicators.  

You can purchase temporary hair dyes in several forms such as sprays, gels, shampoos, and mousses.  

Furthermore, you can pop up your hair with a wide range of colors like natural–looking hues such as blonde, brown, and more.  

Several colors from the temporary hair color range
Several colors from the temporary hair color range

Temporary hair color vs. permanent hair color  

Before being interested the temporary hair colors most of you try out permanent hair colors.

So, why are you looking for another option rather than that color?  

Because you have to face some troubles when using permanent hair colors such as needing professional help and taking a lot of time to apply.  

So, here we brief the differences between both hair colors and after that, you can decide why temporary hair colors are better for you. 

Major Factors Temporary Hair Colors Permanent Hair Colors 
Lasting period Last for a few weeks or a few washes  Lasts until your hair grows out or else you cut down the hair.  
Color Variation Hair colors comprise limited shades or hues.  Hair colors consist of a wide range of hues or shades.  
Cost Commonly hair colors are more cost-effective than permanent hair colors. Maybe more expensive than temporary hair color. 
Application Generally, you can easily apply it to hair at home.  You may require some professional application or a professional hairdresser’s or colorist’s help 
Damages to hair Generally less damaging to your hair  May be more damaging to your hair than temporary hair colors.  
Coverage of your grey hair Can not cover your grey hair effectively Can cover your grey hair more effectively than temporary hair colors.  

What is a good temporary hair dye? 

It is very daunting work to select suitable temporary hair colors to hair. But here I’m brief what are the most important factors you have to keep in mind.  

1. Type of temporary hair color  

You can purchase several kinds of temporary hair colors such as sprays, powders, washable color shampoos, or gel.

But every type owns its pros and cons so it is important to choose the best one according to your hair type, color, and style.  

2. Color and its intensity  

You need to think about which color is more suitable for your natural hair and how intensely it looks after application.

Because some hair colors are less colored and less intense than you desired.

So, keep in mind to read the package or so product review before buying it.  

3. Hair type  

It is most important to choose a hair color suit for your natural hair color and type.

For example, if you own dark hair and some of the hair colors are not visible clearly through your natural hair.

Further, your hair is already dry or damaged so some temporary hair colors damage it further.  

4. Ingredients  

You can concern about the ingredients contained in your temporary hair colors when used before applying them to the hair.

Because some of the hair colors contain harsh chemical compounds like ammonia, peroxide, and PPD can cause allergies or irritate your scalp.  

5. Price of the product  

Temporary hair colors are available at a wide range of prices from cheap to expensive.

But keep in mind price always does not represent the quality of the product.

So, choose a hair color of good quality and fit your budget.  

6. Application process   

Some of the temporary hair colors need much time and effort to apply as well as adhere to your hair.

So, consider the purchase of user-friendly hair colors for ease of work.  

Required items for proper application of temporary hair color
Required items for proper application of temporary hair color

8. Lasting period  

These hair colors stay a few days up to a few weeks in your hair. So, concern about the lasting period before purchasing the hair colors.  

Best temporary hair color products  

You can choose different kinds of temporary hair color products as your wish.

But before purchasing them you should need to concern about their application, specifications so on.  

Temporary hair color wax  

MOFAJANG Hair Coloring Dye Wax

  • Wax form
  • 4.23 oz in a pack
  • For Men and Women

It is also one kind of temporary hair color and comes in wax-like consistency and lots of hair color wax brand can be fond in market like MOFAJANG and HAIR COLOR.

In general, temporary hair color wax applies to your dry hair and easily rinses off with shampoo.  

This product offers you a stronghold and can pop up your hair with vibrant colors as well as good for Ombre effects other than other hair products.  

Hair Chalk   

New Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Hair Color Dye

  • For men, woman & kids
  • 6 colors available
  • Brand: MSDADA

This temporary hair color product also can apply to your dry hair using a brush or sponge.

It comes in a wide range of shades and is easy to apply and wash out of shampoo.  

Hair chalk is ideal for those who are interested in pop-up hair with multiple colors without using permanent colors.

The hair chalk colors last for a few days to a few weeks on your hair.  

Temporary Hair Color Spray  

The hair color spray is one kind of temporary hair color that comes in an aerosol can.

This product you can directly spray on your dry hair and ease your hair coloring with vibrant hues.  

This spray hair color an ideal for you for special occasions or functions. The hair spray colors last a day or two and easily apply and rinse off with shampoo.  

Temporary Hair Color Mousses  

Fanci-Full Instant Color Mousse by Roux

  • Enriches Dark Blonde and Light Brown Hair
  • 6 Fl Oz

This hair color mousses also one kind of temporary hair dye which comes in a foam-like consistency.  

It is typically easy to apply to your wet hair and can easily wash out with shampoo.

Mousses offer you subtle colors and add volume and texture to your hair. These hair colors stay for a day or two in your hair.  


Dabur Vatika Henna Hair Color 

  • 100% Grey Coverage
  • Zero Ammonia
  • 6 Sachets X 10g

Henna is a natural temporary hair dye and used for centuries before.

Henna is made up of leaves of the henna plant and gives a reddish-brown hue to your hair.  

It is an ideal product who is more prefers natural ingredients to pop up their hair. 

Henna may stay for four to six weeks in your hair and finally fades away naturally.  

How long does a temporary hair color last?  

In general, it lasts for one day to a few weeks but we can’t 100% assure the exact time for lasts in your hair. The lasting period will depend on your hair type, Hair color, product, and how often wash your hair.  

Your hair texture and porosity will affect the adhesion of hair colors to your hair shaft and lasting period.  

If you properly apply the proper saturation the colors will last longer than improper application.  

However, you have frequently washed your hair or you are doing swimming or else sweating can lead to fade out hair color quickly.  

Moreover dark and very intense hair colors will be last longer period than lighter and subtle colors.  


Everyone loves to style their hair with vibrant colors but application and removal it so hard. But no more worries temporary hair colors ideal solution for all of you.

So, here we brief all the useful stuff such as what is temporary hair color, the difference between permanent and temporary hair color, how to choose good hair colors, the kinds of hair color products, and their lasting period. No more wasting time let’s try out. 

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