What makeup to wear to a funeral?| Complete Guide

A funeral is no red-carpet event. You do not have to wear pink glittery eyeshadow or eyelash extensions.

That does not mean you should attend a funeral looking all shaggy and unkempt.

Some face touch will go a long way if you are attending a funeral. 

Since I don’t want you to look disrespectful or unkempt for a funeral, I will give you some important tips on how you do your makeup for a funeral.

Keep reading this guide to learn the best type of makeup for a funeral event. 

Is it disrespectful to wear makeup to a funeral?

It is not disrespectful to go to a wedding looking all cleaned up.

Giving your face a touchup with foundation, concealer, a blush-setting powder, and eye makeup does not give disrespectful vibes.

The disrespect comes if you do heavy makeup like Eyelash extensions, crazy colors eyeshadow, or a very shouting lipstick color. 

You cannot apply lots of makeup during a wedding, your makeup might wipe out.

I will give you some top 5 tips you should use when applying makeup for a funeral to avoid any embarrassing moments during the event. 

  1. Go for a natural look

The natural makeup look is achieved by applying a tiny amount of makeup.

Go for nude colors, especially for the eyes. 

  1. Use long-lasting foundation

Water-based foundation can come out when you are crying leaving some harsh ugly lines. 

The cream foundation will do the job. And if it is possible, try out the airbrush foundation.

  1. Go for lip balms

A lip balm or a lip gloss will still make you look snatched but in a minimum way.

You don’t have to suffer dry lips because you are going to a funeral. 

Avoid matte and oily colored lipstick.

You will definitely look bad after the crying. 

  1. Add a little bronzer

There is nothing wrong with bringing color to your face during difficult times.

A bronzer will achieve that simple shine on your face.

That way you will still look well-kept and respectful. 

Gold bronzer always does the magic. 

  1. Don’t go for the mascara

Eye makeup matters a lot when you are attending a funeral.

You should therefore avoid eye makeup if possible.

Applying black mascara is the worst mistake in funeral makeup.

Mascara will definitely mess your face up. 

  1. Do not set your face with the setting powder

Any powdered products should be kept away from your face during a funeral.

Powdered makeup will mix with your tears to make your makeup look cakey. 

You can use a setting spray instead of a setting powder. 

  1. Bonus tips

You don’t know how your emotions will be by the end of the funeral.

Carry some makeup for a retouch.

Don’t forget to rock of hat and some sunglasses.

It is okay to cry during a funeral. 

The tips above will help you figure out what makeup to avoid at a funeral.

It does not however tell you what you should not apply specifically.

Keep reading to find out what makeup products you should wear to a funeral. 

What makeup should I wear to a funeral?

If makeup matters a lot to you, don’t let the fear of being judged stop you from doing what is in your heart.

However, if you are attending a funeral, minimal makeup will still do the job. 

Going to a wedding with pink eyeshadow, long glittery eyelashes, and pink lipstick will make you look disrespectful at a funeral.

Below are some of the makeup products that you can use at a funeral. 

A primer

Any makeup routine should start with a primer.

A primer creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup product.

This protects you from getting skin breakouts. 

Liquid or cream foundation

Avoid using powdered products when doing funeral makeup.

The powder will mix with tears and make your makeup look cakey. 

Cream and liquid foundation is long-lasting and it is impossible to create streaks when mixed with tears. 

Use a cream concealer

Again don’t use powdered concealer if you want to look good at the end of the funeral. 

Use a little amount of concealer under your eyes.

Make sure everything is blended well before leaving the house. 

Find a water-proof mascara

We said black mascara is a bad idea.

However, you can get colorless water-proof mascara.

It will not mix with tears and won’t stain your face. 

Use a bronzer

If you are among the people who don’t like the texture after applying foundation or concealer, a bronzer is a game changer. 

A bronzer will define your face and at the same time hold your makeup intact. It also gives you a natural glow. 

Use a setting spray

Don’t use a setting powder or a finishing powder to complete your makeup.

The powder will mix with the tears messing your face terribly. 

Use a setting spray instead. Most setting sprays are cry-proof. 

Use a lip gloss

Don’t go for matte or whichever lipstick for a funeral.

A nude lip gloss will make you look good and respectful at the same time. 

You can use Jewellery but in minimal too. 

How to wear foundation to a funeral?

What makeup to wear to a funeral

There are a few things you should do to keep your funeral makeup last the event.

These tips are given in the step-by-step guide on how to apply funeral makeup below. 

Step 1: Prep your face

The first step when applying makeup should always prep your face.

Use a mild cleanser, scrub your face and apply a moisturizer. 

Steps used when prepping your face get rid of dead skin and keep your skin healthy. 

Step 2: Use a Primer 

When applying makeup you should always make sure you use a primer.

Because of the type of makeup you are applying for the funeral, use a water-based primer. 

Step 3: Apply a cream or liquid foundation

Apply a tiny amount of liquid or cream foundation on your face.

Ensure you blend the foundation using a wet beauty blender or foundation brushes. 

Step 4: Apply concealer

Use a liquid or a cream concealer under your eyes to conceal the dark circles below your eyes.

Blend in the concealer well using a wet beauty blender. 

Step 5: Touch up your brows

Fill in your eyebrows with powder or a brow pencil to define your eye area. 

Step 6: Use a water-proof mascara

You should at least use colorless water-proof mascara when doing makeup for a funeral.

Colored mascara will definitely mess up your face. 

Step 7: Use a nude lip gloss

You might lack time to retouch your lipstick during a funeral.

Instead of going through that stress, it is better if you used nude lip gloss. 

Step 8: Add a light bronzer or blush

Add a light bronzer or blush to define your face and add a little color.

You will not hurt anyone with a little color.

Step 9: Spray a setting spray

A setting spray will keep all your makeup together.

Do not use a setting powder as it will make your makeup look cakey.  

You can use these steps both using traditional airbrush makeup application. 

Should I wear eye makeup for a funeral?

There is no need to wear eye makeup for a funeral.

However, if makeup means a lot to you, you can use minimum colorless water-proof mascara. 

All powder makeup products should be avoided during a funeral. 

Should I wear mascara to a funeral?

Provided the mascara is colorless and water-proof then there is no problem.

Colored mascara will mess up your face when it comes in contact with tears.

Some of the best mascara to wear to a funeral is;

The best mascara to wear to a funeral

Some of the best cry-proof mascara that you can wear to a funeral include;

You can also find other cry-proof mascara in a beauty store near you. 

What color lipstick do I wear to a funeral?

It is advisable to wear nude lipstick or any color that complements your face.

Do not go for shouting colors.

Remember your q should not outmatch your dress. 

Can I wear red lipstick to a funeral?

If your skin tone matches well with red lipstick then you can definitely wear red lipstick to a funeral.

Don’t wear red-glossy lipstick.

Matte lipstick will do the job. 

Cry-proof makeup for funeral

Different companies that manufacture cry-proof makeup had emerged.

Cry-proof or what is termed as water-proof makeup is ideal for funerals and weddings.

I will list at least three types of each makeup product ideal for a funeral. 

Cry proof foundation

Foundation is one of the products that you should skip when doing funeral makeup.

The foundation chosen should not form harsh lines when in contact with sweat.

Ensure the ingredients used are mild and offer full coverage. 

Cry proof concealer

Even when going to a funeral, concealer is a must-have.

A concealer will hide some skin imperfections and dark circles under your eyes.

Most cry-proof concealers are either in liquid or cream form.

Cry proof Eyeliner

Although eyeliner is not a must product during a funeral, applying a cry-proof eyeliner will define your eyes more and make you look sharp.

Do not use black eyeliner. It will mess up your face when you cry or rub your face. 

Cryproof mascara

The eyes are the most sensitive parts when it comes to funeral makeup.

You wouldn’t want to soil your face with black mascara after crying the whole day.

Buy liquid colorless cry-proof mascara for when you are attending a funeral. 

Cry proof setting spray

Since you cannot use a setting powder to finish up your makeup, it is better you find a setting spray.

A setting spray will reduce the sweating and ensure your makeup does not rub off even when you cry. 


Although a funeral is a sad place, you don’t have to attend it looking unkempt.

There is no issue with applying minimal makeup. 

Read our guide above to know the Dos and Don’ts when attending a funeral. 

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