What to do with expired face scrub? | Don’t waste them

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  • Use it to clean your metal jewelry
  • Reuse the container
  • Use them as a body scrub/foot scrub (Be careful)

There is no more significant pain than discovering your favorite face scrub is expired.

You might hesitate to throw it away and continue using it on your face.

However, that is the worst mistake.

I have found myself in such a situation and treated stubborn rashes.

So what can you do if your most expensive face scrub expires?

If not throwing it away, you can reuse expired face scrubs for another purpose.

Expired face scrub still has the efficiency of scrubbing surfaces. However, it shouldn’t be your face.

Keep reading this article to find out why you shouldn’t use expired face scrub on your face. 

Do face scrubs expire?

Do face scrubs expire

Yes, Face scrub expires

Most face scrubs are good in between their 1st year.

So before buying any face scrub, check the expiry date. 

Do not stockpile face scrubs.

Buy one and replace only when it is finished.

If you notice your face scrub is expired, do not attempt to use it on your face. 

Can I use expired scrub? 

Yes, You can use an expired face scrub

Can I use expired scrub

You can use an expired face scrub for cleaning and body exfoliating. Not on your face.

A face scrub loses its efficiency immediately after it reaches its expiry date. 

So, an expired face scrub does not add anything important to you.

Expired face scrubs may start to rot and form microbial that are toxic.

However, you have nothing to worry about if you just discovered you have been using a face scrub that expired two days ago. 

How do you know if a scrub is expired?

How do you know if a scrub is expired

Most face scrubs expire one year after the first use.

This does not mean you should buy the face scrub blindly.

Somewhere on the face scrub packaging is information on manufacturing and expiry date

If you suspect your face scrub is expired, you can always check the dates. 

Although the first few days or weeks of face scrub expiry are not harmful, you should avoid using expired products on your face.

When face scrubs expire, they lose their efficiency.

After a while, expired products, produces an awful smell.

You will most likely get face breakouts if you use expired products. 

What to do with expired face scrub?

What to do with expired face scrub

Ditch your face scrub immediately after realizing it has reached its expiry date.

Do you have some rings that need scrubbing? Since face scrub has some particles that can get rid of dead skin, you can use it on your rings.

  1. Apply some scrub on the ring and scrub gently with your hands. you can do the same thing on your other metal pieces of jewelry. 
  1. Moreover, Reuse the scrub container after removing the content and clean the container. It will be useful for your beauty cupboard to store small jewelries safely.
  1. If your scrub passed the expiry date but not showing any bad look or smell, Then use them as your DIY body scrub/ foot scrub.

Be careful to do a patch test and observe if there are any skin irritations before using them

It would be best if you threw away the remaining expired face scrub to prevent the temptation of using it on your face. 

What will happen if I use an expired face scrub?

What will happen if I use an expired face scrub

No matter how expensive your face scrub was, never use expired products on your face. 

Most face scrub lasts for one year after the first use.

When going to buy a face scrub, consider how often you scrub your face.

People argue that you can still use an expired face scrub, provided it does not smell awful.

However, It affects in different ways

We all have different types of skin.

Your face might react to an expired product causing you to have some rashes, acne, allergy, and other infections.

At the same time, others are not affected by an expired product.

Face scrubs have some chemicals component that makes them practical for cleansing your face.

When the product is expired, the chemicals in the face scrub might react with gases in the air to form toxins.

Microbial life may also be created and respond with your face.

Below I will discuss a few things that might happen if you use expired products. 


The chemical is formed when a product can irritate your skin.

Your skin will then respond by developing some rashes. This rash can be so annoying.

If your skin is too sensitive, expired face scrub might burn your skin


Expired face scrub toxins might react with your skin to form large pimples.

These pimples will end up leaving you with permanent face spots. 


You might be allergic to one of the chemicals in the expired face scrub.

Allergies are very uncomfortable. 

If you happen to develop an allergy, visit a doctor

You can also get infections from the reaction, which might have profound implications.

If you use the expired face scrub for a long, you risk developing skin scars from burns and even skin cancer. Do not risk damaging your skin with expired products. 


Expired face scrub oil can block your pose leading to an acne outbreak.

May have inflammation, skin irritation, and at the end permanent marks

Acne causes skin irritation, damaging your skin instead of beautifying it. 

In some cases, you might get this massive inflammation that has pus.

If you poke them, you end up getting a permanent mark. 

Using an expired product does not beautify your skin. It does a lot of bad things to your skin. 

However expensive or good a face mask is, once it is expired, it has lost its efficiency.

New chemicals formed after expiry will damage your skin badly. 

Ditch all those products and replace them with viable ones for the love of your skin. 


Putting expired products on your face is the worst thing you can ever do to your skin. 

If you have sensitive skin, expired products will react with your skin and result in some skin imperfections.

Some of these imperfections, like rashes, irritate your skin, leaving you uncomfortable every time. 

Under some extreme instances, you might have inflammations with pus in them or even your skin burned.

Instead of destroying your skin, it would be better to toss the expired face scrub and replace it with a viable one. 

You can also use an expired face scrub to clean your jewelry like rings.

Other than that, throw away the expired product. 

This does not only apply to face scrubs.

Love your skin enough to throw away any expired product you use on your face. 

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