When to use hair serum? | Quick Guide

If you have natural hair, you have to deal with a lot for your hair to stay well kept all day.

You might find yourself buying a lot of products trying to keep up with people with soft silky and relaxed hair.

If this is you, I have some good news.

You can ease on all the product shopping and damaging your hair trying to achieve something your hair is not meant to do.

Instead you can use a hair serum. 

A hair serum has the ability to repair damaged hair, add shine to natural hair, straighten natural hair, and even control frizz.

Although you can achieve all this, there is a catch to using hair serum.

Continue reading this guide to find out what I am talking about. 

When should you use hair serum?

When should you use hair serum?

Hair serum has so much benefits that no other hair product can achieve.

It can control frizzle, add shine to natural hair, and even repair damaged hair. 

Unfortunately, despite of all the benefits it offers, you can also suffer from extreme hair damage and even lead to hair loss.

This can however be avoided if you apply the hair serum the right way. 

For you to avoid the negative side effects of hair serum, you need to choose the right type of hair serum. 

We all have different types if hair.

There are those who have oily hair, curly hair, dry hair, and silky hair.

You don’t expect on the product to work for all these types of hair.

So, to prevent making a mistake that you cannot come out of, consult with a hair professional before buying a hair serum.

Alternatively, you can use this guide to help you choose the right hair serum for your hair type. 

Even if you have the help from a guide and a hair professional, there are other things you should not do.

When buying a hair serum, don’t go for cheap hair serum.

Cheap hair serums contains ingredients that might be harsh to your skin.

So, go for high quality hair serum that have been approved by dermatologists. 

After buying the hair serum, you should learn how to use the hair serum and when to use the hair serum.

My introduction to hair serum guide will help you with that.

So, when should you use hair serum?

When you notice your hair is damaged?

There is no hurting feeling like seeing your hair damaged.

You end up trying a lot of products and they end up damaging your hair even more. 

Even if you have the right products, the environmental factors might still find a way to hinder the repair of your damaged hair. 

Hair serum creates a protective layer that can be useful when you are trying to repair your damaged hair. 

  • Simply, wash your hair to remove all the hair products that might be trapped in your hair.
  • Add a moisturizer to your hair to aid in the growth of your damaged hair. 
  • Apply the products you are using to repair your damaged hair. 
  • Go in with your serum and apply using your hands until all your hair is covered with the serum. 

If you do this in a period of three weeks your hair will be fully repaired. 

If you want to straighten your hair

Most people do not have naturally straight hair.

And if you don’t have naturally straight hair, you might be forced to use products that might damaging to your hair. 

Instead of using heat and chemicals to straighten your hair, you can be a little bit smart and apply hair serum. 

Hair serum is made using silicone that adds a little weight to your hair strands making it remain straight.

It can also reduce the chances of having flyaways that make you look unkempt.

Make sure you are using the hair serum on damp hair to prevent the silicone used in the serum from drying your hair. 

If your hair is dry

The pain of having to deal with an oily scalp but your hair is constantly dry.

Using oil on this kind of situation can deem uncomfortable especially when the oil melts and finds it way to your scalp. 

Luckily, this is not the case with hair serum.

You can use some products to hydrate your hair and then add a serum to lock in the moisture in your hair from the products. 

There are hair serums that are light weight and contains some hydrating properties to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. 

If you have oily hair

Sometimes having an oily hair can be as uncomfortable as having dry hair.

You can try using oil on your scalp only for your hair to end up looking muddy. 

So, if you still want to deal with your oily hair and dry scalp, you can apply hair serum on your oily hair. 

Wash your hair and then apply hair serum on your damp hair then apply oil on your scalp when your hair is protected by the hair serum. 

When do you want to make your hair silky and soft?

Make your hair silky and soft

Do you know that feeling of running your fingers through your hair without them getting stuck? I know it feels heavenly.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a naturally silky and soft hair, you might be using heat or chemicals to make your hair silky. 

What you don’t know is that heat and chemicals can end up damaging your hair.

If you want your hair to become feel soft and silky without using damaging products, you can use hair serum. 

After applying hair serum on your dampened hair, run a wide toothed comb through your hair.

Your hair will lock in the moisture making it soft and even silky. 

Adding a shine to your natural hair

You don’t have to use relaxers and lots of hair products to make your hair shine.

Instead apply hair serum on your natural hair or silk pressed hair to add a shine to how it looks. 

Most hair serum contain a silicone that reflects light making your hair appear shiny. 

When you want to go for a swim?

Hair serum might have all the benefits we all know.

What you might not be aware is that silicone is water proof.

So, if you don’t want your hair shrinking and tangling, you better go in with a hair serum before hitting the swimming pool. 

Your hair will be protected from the daunting effects water can have on your natural hair. 

When you want to maintain your natural curls?

Maintaining your natural curls can be so much work.

You might find yourself buying tones of gels trying to find one that works for your hair and still not work after a few hours. 

So, if you have a naturally curly hair, you can use a lightweight hair serum that has hydrating properties.

The serum will keep your hair hydrated, vibrant and in it’s naturally curly state. 

Now that you know when to use hair serum, do you know how often you can use it?

I will answer that question in the section below. 

Can you use hair serum daily

Can you use hair serum daily
hair serum

How often you use hair serum on your hair depends on what you want to achieve and what type of hair serum you are using. 

If you are using natural homemade hair serum, you can use it very often.

Homemade hair serum uses very safe ingredients and is lightweight. 

However, if you are using commercial hair serum, you should ease on how often you use hair serum. 

Although I am not a hair professional, I definitely know that you cannot use hair serum daily.

Chemicals used on hair serum might be harsh on your skin.

And besides, your hair needs to breath once in a while. 

To ensure that the hair serum works for your hair;

  • Do not apply hair serum on dry hair. Hair serum contains silicone that might have some alcohol content that might end up drying your hair more. 

Wash your hair and then apply a moisturizer before applying the hair serum. 

  • Don’t go for cheap hair serum. Your hair might be more delicate than you think. Before buying any hair serum, check up with a hair professional for advice. The professional will analyze your hair and then advice you accordingly on which hair serum you should use. 

You can go for high quality hair serum that use high quality ingredients that will not damage your hair. 

  • Avoid using too much hair serum and touching your scalp with the serum. Aside from silicone, amino acids and hydrolyzed protein, some ingredients might be harsh on your scalp v

Apply hair serum from the edges to the middle of your hair.

And do not use finger tips. The product might hide in your finger tips and end up causing inflammation.

  • Analyze how hair serum reacts with your hair after one day. If you notice your high is dryer than it usually is, you should rethink using that hair serum. You might be inclined to continue using the hair serum especially of it is expensive. 

This might lead to more damage and possible hair loss. 

There are a lot of hair serum that can be perfect for your hair.

So, don’t go damaging your hair with an aim of saving a few dollars. 

  • Don’t use hair serum daily. Despite how good hair serum is, using it on your hair daily might be more harmful than you think. Even your natural hair needs to breath and taken care for it to replenish it’s natural oils. Use hair serum when necessary unless you are using homemade hair serum.  


Hair serum can be of so much benefit to your hair.

You can use hair serums to help repair hair damage.

Hair serum also brings out the cuteness in your when your hair is well kept. 

Despite of all this benefits, you cannot use hair serum without doing proper research.

You might end up damaging your hair even more.

Luckily, I have prepared a guide that informs you on when you can use hair serum, and a few tips you can use to prevent the hair serum from damaging your hair. 

Read the guide to the end and consider subscribing to this page for more beauty hacks. 

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