Which hair serum is best for daily use? | Important Tips

For a product to work as expected, you will have to use it as often as possible.

While to some people often means daily, some hair serums contains harsh ingredients which cannot be used daily. 

When choosing a hair serum for daily use, the first thing you will have to check is the ingredients used.

You will also have to check the legitimacy of the brand.

Some brands of hair serum will be labeled for daily use only for you to end up with damaged hair. 

If you don’t know where to start when choosing a hair serum for daily use, the guide below will be your friend.

We have given you tips to use when buying a hair serum and also given you some well researched suggestions.

Don’t go anywhere. 

Tips to choose the best hair serum for daily use 

Best hair serum for daily use 

If you want to know what real confusion is, go to your local beauty store and ask for a 

hair serum for daily use. You will be presented with over 30 brands at least depending on the size of the store. 

Among the 30 brands provided, almost all will promise to do wonders for your hair.

While some of the brands might actually do wonders, others will just be a waste of your hard earned money. 

Since you cannot buy all the hair serums and test each to see which works and which doesn’t , I will do that go you and give you the best there is in the market.

But first, you will learn how to select a hair serum as your hair type. 

Consult a hair professional

Before buying a hair serum, you have to analyze the state you hair is in, what it needs, and how long you should use the hair serum for you to get the results you want. 

Since it can be hard to do that by yourself, you should consult a hair professional. 

A professional will analyze your hair and use the analysis to give you a full report including which ingredients you should not use on your hair. 

You might also get a recommendation on the best hair serum that will suit your hair type.

Check the ingredients

After visiting a hair specialist and getting the recommendation, you will have to go to the market and choose a hair serum. 

Before settling on a hair serum, check the ingredients used in the hair serum.

If it’s for daily use, the hair serum should have sealants that are made of butters such as mango and Shea instead of using silicone.

Another ingredient that you should check on the hair serum are essential oils. 

Hair serums made for daily use should not have harsh ingredients. 

Check for the legitimacy of the brand

Check for the legitimacy of the brand

After narrowing down the search based on the ingredients used, the next thing you should use is the brand. 

Due to the increased number of brands in the market, it is hard to know which brand is legit and which is not.

When choosing a brand ensure you go with a famous brand.

This brands have worked so hard to build their brands for years.

They would therefore never risk their reputation by lying to their customers. 

Some of the best brands of hair serum for daily use include;

L’Oreal Paris oil hair serum

If you are looking for a hair serum that will rejuvenate, nourish and strengthen your hair, you should go for L’Oreal Paris extraordinary oil hair serum.

L’Oreal hair serum is formulated using 6 flower oils which makes it very gentle on your hair and your scalp. 

Aside from making sure your hair feels soft, L’Oreal oil serum will also promote hair growth. It also reduces scalp itchiness. 

You can use this hair serum before and after washing your hair. 

Biotique bio hair serum

Biotique bio hair serum is formulated using ayurvedic ingredients.

They are so perfect for soothing your scalp and also promotes hair growth

This hair serum can be used on your scalp and hair without the fear of damaging your hair or causing skin irritation.

Biotique hair serum will make your smooth soft, and shiny.

After a few months of using this hair serum you will notice some increase in hair density. 

Wow science onion hair serum

Enriched with red onions, oils and black seed, this hair serum from WOW will not only promote hair growth, but it also rejuvenates your hair making it feel heavenly. 

Red onions are rich in sulfur which blocked DHT a hormone that contributes to hair loss. 

After using this hair serum for two weeks you will notice an increase in length and density of your hair. 

You can also use this hair serum on a daily basis since it is dermatologist tested and it is free of parabens, alcohol, color, and silicone. 

Livon hair serum

Formulated using Moroccan Argan oil and Vitamin E, this hair serum will not only strengthen your hair.

It will also sooth you scalp promoting blood circulation in your scalp, promote hair growth and also control frizz and other hair disorders. 

Due to the absence of silicone, parabens and amino acids, you can use Livon hair serum on a daily basis.

It is dermatologist tested and approved for scalp use. 

You can also use Livon hair serum on any hair type. 

Streak professional hair serum

If you are looking for a hair serum that can do it all, maybe you should consider Streak professional. 

Streak professional can be used by both men and women, all hair types and on a daily basis. 

Enriched with oils like Vitamin E and macadamia oils, Steak glossy hair serum will nourish your hair, promote hair growth, sooth your scalp, repair damaged, strengthen existing hair strand, and also restore your hairs elasticity. 

After using this hair serum for two weeks, you will notice your hair increased density and length.

Your hair will also look more shiny and smooth. 

If you decide to choose this hair serum, you will be joining the over twenty thousand customers who were pleased with this hair serum.

Biolage 6-in-1 protection hair serum

Biolage hair serum

Formulate using black seeds, avocado oil, and other important oils, Biolage hair serum will provide your hair with over 24 hours protection. 

Some of the oils used in Biolage hair serum will not only protect your hair against UV damage, they will also reflect light from the sun making your hair shinny. 

To add to the shininess, the hair serum will control frizz, flyaways, split ends, and tangling making your hair appear smooth. 

Biolage is approved for daily use and also use on scalp. 

Aside from nourishing your hair and making your hair appear soft and vibrant, the serum also promotes hair growth by balancing the flow of blood in your scalp. 

Pattern jojoba hair serum

When validating if a product will work, you need to look result from the people who use the product. 

As for Pattern Jojoba hair serum, we have Tracie Ellis Ross as our testimony.

Her hair is always shiny, silky, and full and she uses this hair serum on a daily basis.

Pattern hair serum is formulated using ingredients such as jojoba, olive, rosehip, and safflower.

It will nourish, moisturize, strengthen, and also boost hair growth.

Pattern Jojoba hair serum was made with kinky, curly and textured hair in mind. 

After using jojoba hair serum from a month, you will notice reduction in hair frizz, hair breakage, flyaways and split ends.

Although all the hair serums in the list can be used on a daily basis, you should still apply hair serum the right way. 



From most of our previous guides on hair serum, we advice against using hair serum daily and on your scalp. 

Our guide above on the other hand has come up with a number of hair serum brands that are approved for daily use and also use on scalp. 

If you are dealing with any hair disorder that demand you use hair serum regularly, or you just want to enjoy a healthy vibrant hair, the guide above will of so much help to your in selecting the best brands for this purpose. 

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