Which hair serum is best for dry hair?

There are hair serums that are made specifically for dry hair. This hair serums will hydrate, nourish and also protect your hair from conditions that might damage your hair. This is just one good news. Choosing the hair serum might be where the issue comes in. 

There are over a hundred brands that claim to be good for dry hair. Some of these brands might actually be good for your dry hair. Other brands are just interested in making money.

Since we know the struggle of finding a legit hair serum for dry hair, we have prepared a guide with tips you can use to find the best hair serum for your hair. We have also picked 7 best hair serum for dry hair for you. Don’t go anywhere. 

7 best hair serums for dry hair 

Rocking your natural hair can be hectic if you hair is constantly dry but your scalp is oily. You may try using hair oils (when to use hair serum and hair oil?) but with your scalp oozing too much oil it will be somehow uncomfortable. 

If your hair is dry but your scalp is poly, it means that there is something you are doing wrong and you should consider treating this disorder. 

If you have never heard of hair serums, you are in the right place. 

Hair serums are formulated in a way they can be used in different types of hair to make the hair healthy and vibrant. They are made using ingredients that will not only provide your hair with the much needed nutrients, but also protect your hair from conditions that might be damaging your hair.

There are hair serums for all types of hair. You will also get hair serums for dry hair.

Although, your hair might be dry at the moment, your hair might be curly, straight, silky, or even kinky. So, before picking a hair serum leveled for hair serum, you will need to learn how to select hair serum as your hair type. 

  1. Consult a specialist

If your hair is dry, it means there is something wrong with your sebaceous glands. For you to revive your hair to it’s original healthy state, you will need to use a hair serum that matches your real hair. 

You should also use a hair serum that will repair your hair. 

A hair specialist will analyzer your hair state from the scalp to the ends, give you some touch ups towards recovering your hair and then recommend you the best hair serum that matches your hair. 

  1. Check the ingredients

A hair serum is the ingredients that make the product. Each type of hair serum will use different types of ingredients depending on what it aims to achieve. 

A good example is that you don’t expect a hair serum meant for oily hair to have the same ingredients with a hair serum for dry hair serum.

Ideal hair serums for dry hair should have more of essential oils, sealants such Shea butter and mango butter, and other ingredients meant to promote hair growth. 

  1. Choosing the right brand

Checking the ingredients on the hair serum will narrow down the search but you will still remain with a lot of brands promising the same thing. 

When it come to choosing the right brand of hair serum, you should go with a hair serum from a famous brand. It is very rare for a famous brand to use low quality ingredients. This is because they wouldn’t want to spoil the reputation they have taken years to build. 

Some of the best hair serum brands for dry hair include;

Biosilk therapy original cure

If you are looking for a serum that will give you a well deserved feel, look no further from this hair serum from Biosilk. 

Biosilk hair serum will revive your hair making it soft, smooth, silky, and vibrant. 

This hair serum is free from parabens which means there are literally no chances of your hair getting damaged. 

Some of the active ingredients in this hair serum include Silicone. 

Pattern Argan oil hair serum

All natural hairs might face their dry days. But there is something different when your curly kinky hair faces it’s dry days. The knotting and tangling might make you decide to do the big chop.

Luckily, Tracie Ellis Ross had to eliminate that thought in our minds by coming up with Pattern Argan oil hair serum. 

Due to presence of a number of oils, using pattern delivers the most soft, smooth, perfectly defined curly hair, and a healthy kinky feel. 

To sum up the goodness, you won’t have to suffer hair damage with Pattern: it is Paraben free. 

Garnier sleek and shine

If you are going for affordability and versatility, Garnier sleek and shine hair serum should be your first choice. 

Garnier sleek and shine is formulated using Argan oil and silicone making it serve more than one purpose. 

With Garnier, you are promised a shiny, soft, smooth, silky, moisturized, nourished, and sleek. 

Argan oil also aids in balancing the blood flow on your scalp which as a result will promote hair growth. As new strands ate growing, silicone will create a protective layer on your strands. 

Garnier sleek and shine can be so helpful when it comes to protecting your hair from frizz. 

Livon serum for rough and dry hair

If there is brand that has been known to produce some of the most satisfying hair serums for dry hair is Livon. 

Livon serum for rough and dry hair will act on your dry hair by providing moisture for more than 48 hours. It is formulated using Moroccan Argan oil that not only hydrates your hair, it also boost hair growth, adds shine to your hair, makes your hair smooth and sleek. 

Livon also controls frizz, flyaways, and split ends. 

L’Oreal Paris Intense smooth serum

L’Oreal is another brand that has created it’s name when it comes to quality products. Their serum for dry hair is Top tier. It will provide your hair with nourishments and hydration for more than 48 hours. 

Aside from hydrating your hair, L’Oreal will protect your hair against environmental conditions that might cause hair frizz, flyaways, and split ends. 

Streak hair serum

Another hair serum that work wonders for your dry frizzy hair is streak hair serum. 

Streak hair serum is formulated using walnut oil which contributes to the glossy smooth feel on your hair immediately you use this hair serum. 

Aside from the smooth and shiny hair, streak hair serum gives your hair a deep hydration for more than 24 hours. 

You can apply the hair serum on wet or dry hair depending on the state of your hair. Do not apply too much of streak hair serum. A few drops of the serum will go a long way. 

John Frieda hair serum for frizz ease and dry hair

Although it is the last hair serum on our list, this John Frieda hair serum could have easily been earned the first position for the best hair serum for dry hair. 

John Frieda hair serum is made using a combination of six formulas each aimed at performing different purpose. 

Using this hair serum means your hair will be hydrated for more than 72 hour, all flyaways and split ends tamed, deep nourishment, smooth, soft and silky feel.

John Frieda also provides your hair 90% protection from humidity and heat that cause frizz and dryness. It also boost growth. 

Since it is dry hair you are trying to get rid of, you should apply the named hair serums on moisturized hair. 


Dry hair is always characterized by a lot of hair breakage, knotting, flyaways, and split ends. Although hair oils might seem quite helpful, there might be an issue if your hair is too damaged. You will need a product that do more than moisturize your hair. 

Hair serum is formulated using a combination of ingredients that will repair your hair, moisturize, nourish, and even protect your hair from conditions that might be damaging your hair. 

There are a lot of hair serums in the market that promise to work wonders on your hair. With the large number of brands, promising it might be hard to settle for only one. Luckily, our guide above has narrowed down the search for you. We have given you seven of the best hair serum on the market. 

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