Which hair serum is best for frizzy hair? (You may know)

Trying to maintain natural hair can be such a rollercoaster.

One day you are feeling your hair, the next day humidity just messed your hair when you least expected. 

Although you might decide to go the natural, it does not mean you starve your hair it’s useful nutrients.

You can continue using hair oils on your hair.

But remember, oils will not offer the required protection when it comes to some environmental conditions. 

If you want to enjoy your natural hair, you should consider using serums that will protect your hair from environmental conditions such as humidity that causes hair frizz. 

In the guide below, I will give you tips you can use to buy the best anti-frizz hair serum.

I will also give you 7 hair serums you should consider buying.

Let’s get started. 

7 best hair serums for frizz hair

Now that you are psyched about realizing that you can care for your natural hair without having to use relaxers, you have to know all about hair serums.  

Although, a hair serum is labeled for frizz hair, it does not mean they are all good for you.

All types of hair might suffer from frizz.

So, if you have curly and kinky hair but suffer from frizz, you cannot use a hair serum that is meant for silky and straight hair. 

Before buying a hair serum, you should learn how to select hair serum for your hair type. 

  1. Talk to a specialist

You might think you know what your hair need and what type it is based on a few videos you have watched online.

However, when classifying hair, there are a lot to put into consideration. 

To start, your hair growth cycle, the strength of your hair strands, and the texture of your hair. 

Since a specialist has enough experience with different types of hair, she will analyze your hair and recommend the best hair serum for your hair type. 

  1. Check the ingredients
Check the ingredients

Although a hair specialist will give you recommendation on the type of hair serum you should buy, you will find more than 100 brands offering the same properties. 

To narrow down the search, you can check for the ingredients present in the hair serums. 

One of the ingredients that makes a hair serum for frizzy hair good is silicone.

Since most hair serums have silicone in them, you can check for proteins and oils. 

If a hair serum lacks either if the three ingredients, it will be of no good. 

  1. Choose from a well known brand

After narrowing down the search based on the ingredients, you will then look for the brand of the serum for you to make a decision. 

One of the sure way to know you are making the right decision is choosing hair serums from well known brands. 

Often, famous brands use high quality ingredients to make their products.

They wouldn’t dare use low quality ingredients in the fear of destroying their brand reputation.

Some of the best hair serums for frizzy hair include;

John Frieda ease frizz hair serum

If there is a hair serum that deserve the first spot in my list of hair serum for frizzy hair, is this spectacular hair serum by John. Frieda. 

This serum is made using a total of 6 different formulas each dedicated to perform an important role on your natural hair. 

One of the most outstanding role John Frieda hair serum plays on your hair is providing 90% protection against humidity and heat.

I mean, I don’t even know another brand that can say it does the same for your hair.

You can be assured your hair will never frizz, have flyaways and split ends provided you are wearing the hair serum. 

Another cool thing you should expect when using John Frieda is the 72 hours deep hydration this hair serum provides to your natural hair.

Your hair will be smooth, soft, silky, and even feel good for 72 hours. That is amazing. 

With all six formulas, you can be assured the growth rate of your hair will definitely increase. 

L’Oreal Paris smooth intense hair serum

If there is a brand that always outdo all the other brands when it comes to quality products, it got to be L’Oreal Paris. 

Among their large variety of hair serum, the intense smooth serum will transform your hair in a way you won’t imagine. 

L’Oreal Paris intense smooth serum uses some of the most quality ingredients that give your hair a 48 hours protection against environmental conditions such as humidity that cause your hair to frizz. 

L’Oreal also nourished your hair and hydrates it for as long as you will be wearing it.

After a few months of using this hair serum, you will notice your hair being naturally silky, smooth, soft, and vibrant. 

Hair being naturally silky

WOW science red onion hair serum

Although it might take you long to realize your hair is totally damaged, when you come to the realization that you need to do something, put this hair serum from Wow on your mind. 

Not only will this hair serum deal with your damaged hair, it will also provide your hair maximum protection from conditions that cause hair frizz. 

Wow love their customers so much that they had to use quite a number of ingredients to make this hair serum just WOW. 

Some of the ingredients used in this hair serum include; Saw palmetto, Neem, Bhringraj, niacin, biotin, henna, lemon, amlas, Shikakai, and Rosemary essential oil.

They are also free from alcohol, parabens, and silicone. 

Since the hair serum is non-sticky, you can apply it by spraying on your hair then running a comb through. 

Streak professional hair serum

Streak professional hair serum
Streak professional hair serum

There is nothing luxurious than feeling like a celebrity due to how amazing your hair looks. If this is the feeling you are going for, you should check out streak professional hair serum. 

Streak is formulated using Vitamin E and macadamia oils to bring you the most healthy and vibrant hair. 

Since the ingredients used are of high quality you can be assured your hair will be tamed and protected against humidity therefore getting rid of hair frizz. 

This hair serum is mostly used by professionals. So, if you decide to go for this hair serum for your frizzy hair, you will be joining a community of over twenty thousands who were pleased by the serum. 

Livon hair serum

Another hair serum on the list that will give you nothing but smile after using it for your frizzy hair is Livon hair serum. 

Livon is formulated with high quality oils and silicone to provide your hair with maximum nourishment and protection against damaging factors. 

To add to it’s goodness, Livon strengthens your hair strands ensuring even the slightest change in the environmental conditions does not affect your hair.

It also restores your hair natural elasticity. 

When using this hair serum don’t use too much of you might have to deal with too much grease on your hair. 

The listed hair serums are not the only serums that will work for your hair.

There are others with the same quality.

So, if you can’t access any of the serum on my list in your region, You can follow the tips I provided to get the best hair serum for your hair. 

For the hair serum to work as intended, you should learn to apply hair serum the right way.

Otherwise, you might be dealing with hair damage for a long time. 


Although natural hair sounds awesome, the work you have to do to maintain it in a super presentable manner is quite a lot.

You might be using oils for that but oils will provide the maximum protection when it comes to conditions such as humidity, heat, and even water. 

For the purpose of maintaining a healthy and vibrant natural hair free from frizz, you should start using a hair serum. 

A hair serum will not only control hair frizz.

It will also add some moisture to your hair while protecting it against conditions that might be damaging to your hair. 

If you are in search for the best hair serum for frizzy hair you are in luck.

I have picked 7 of the best hair serums in the market for frizzy hair.

Read the guide above and subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 

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