Which hair serum is best for hair growth?

If you visit your local beauty store trying to buy a hair serum, you will be shocked by the number of hair serums available. This might be attributed by the fact that the means and the cost of manufacturing is accessible and very affordable. 

Aside from the brands, you will find hair serums for dry, oily, silky, curly, and straight hair. You will also find hair serum that promise to do a lot for your hair. 

I will give you some tips you can use to find the best hair serum for hair growth

7 best hair serums for hair growth

With the large number of hair serums that promise to aid hair growth. Unfortunately, not all these brands sell legit products. You might find yourself dealing with counterfeited or low quality hair serums. 

There are high chances of picking a hair serum that is not meant for your hair type. Even of you are going for a hair serum that aids hair growth, your hair type should be in the back of your mind. 

This guide will be of so much on helping you learn how to select a hair serum as your hair type

Consult a hair professional

Although you will find a hair serum labeled for hair growth, it will not have put into consideration what your hair need. Even if you are aiming for hair growth, you cannot use a hair serum meant for dry hair if you have oily hair. 

A hair professional will analyze your hair and use the analysis to give you a recommendation on which hair serum you should use. 

You can then use the recommendation to choose the best hair serum there is in the market. 

Check the ingredients

When buying a hair serum specifically for hair growth, there are some ingredients that you should check for in the hair serum. 

One of the most common ingredient to check should be silicone. Even when you are trying to boost hair growth, your hair needs to be protected against conditions that might hinder the process. 

Since hair growth start from the scalp, you will need a product that will regulate the flow of blood in your scalp. That product is Minoxidil. In hair serums that use all natural ingredients, you will find Rosemary essential oil for this purpose. 

Your hair serum should also have some essential oils for the purpose of nourishing your hair. 

Buy from renown brand

Due to the presence of fake hair products, always buy from brands that have been on existence for long. No brand will want to joke with the reputation they have taken years to build.

Some of the best hair serums in the market include;

Mama earth onion scalp serum

If you are looking for a hair serum that can be used by all hair types, provided 100% protection, hydration, and nourishment, it  got to be Mama earth onion scalp serum. 

Mama earth is formulated using onion, vitamin B, pea sprout, and Aloe Vera. 

Red onions are rich in sulfur, which means they will prevent your hair from having premature aging. 

Aloe Vera is a magical plant that can increase the volume and strength of your hair strands, facilitate hair growth from the scalp, and also protect your hair against conditions such as UV that might damage your hair. 

Pea sprout on the other hand in an antioxidant. This means your hair will be nourished and vibrant at all time and have reduced breakage. 

Aside from the amazing ingredients used in Mama earth hair growth serum, the serum is free from silicone, parabens, and alcohol. 

Mama earth will therefore facilitate hair growth with leaving your hair too dry or too oily. 

Good vibes Argan oil hair growth serum

Instead of trimming your hair every two weeks due to the always increasing number if split ends, you can always choose a safe route and but Good Vibes hair growth serum.

Good Vibes uses Argan oil as the main ingredient. You will therefore be assured of receiving the nourishment you deserve. 

Argan oil is perfect when it comes to reviving damaged hair, adding shine, making your hair feel and look smooth and also taming all the split ends. 

If you are looking for a luxurious salon treatment Good vibes is for you. 

Wow skin science serum

If it preventing premature ageing of your hair strands, inhibiting hair loss, and redeeming the hormone that is responsible for hair growth, wow skin science growth serum is your best friend. 

Wow skin is formulated using very safe ingredients such as Neem, saw palmetto, amlas, Shikakai, bhringraj, lemon, Rosemary essential oil, henna, biotin, and niacin

All these ingredients will either boost hair growth, prevent premature hair loss, and strengthen your hair strands. 

Application is easy. You will only spray on your hair and run a comb through. 

Wow science is free of color, silicone, parabens, and amino oils. 

It is also a non-sticky non-greasy solution.

Women Rogaine 5% minoxidil foam

If you want to be liberated from the constant hair loss either due to genetics or environmental factors, you should give Women Rogaine growth serum  a chance. 

Women Rogaine comes in 5% and 2% Minoxidil options. Both which will work wonders when it comes to ensuring your hair grows longer and thicker. 

If you choose to use this growth serum, you shall do it for 4 months without stopping otherwise you will need to restart the journey again. 

Since we do not have the same genetics and the rate of hair growth, you might find yourself having to use Rogaine serum for an year straight. 

During the first few months of using the serum, you might notice some hair shedding. This should not worry you as it is an indication the serum is working as it should. 

Pura D’OR Hair thinning therapy serum

There is no greater feeling than seeing your hair full again after undergoing a major hair loss season. Using Pura thinning therapy serum will stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. 

Pura also has some enzymes that will block DHT a hormone responsible for hair loss. 

If you want to see results while using this hair serum, use it for a total of 4 months without stopping. Otherwise your hair growth will be stopped and you will have to start the process again. 

Pura hair serum has nothing but good reviews and over 3000 five stars. 

Vegamour hair serum

If you are looking for a vegetarian hair serum that will change how your hair looks and feels check this best selling hair arum from Vegamour. 

Vegamour hair serum is formulated a mung bean which is rich in Zinc, vitamins, iron and selenium. 

After using this hair serum for a month you will notice huge difference in the density and the length of your hair. 

Vegamour being a plant-based serum does not have a strong smell. It will not irritate you when you apply on your hair. 

Essy Natural hair growth oil serum

Some hair loss are attributed to environmental factors or using hair products that are not meant for your hair or have harsh ingredients. 

In most cases, hair loss that is as a result of toxic products can also include some skin irritations and even worse painful rashes. .

While buying a hair serum that will help with the hair loss, you should put in mind the skin irritation. This is what Essy natural has to offer. 

For starters, this hair serum is sold at a pocket friendly price. Secondly, it is formulated using safe ingredients that are said to reduce scalp itchiness as the serum maximizes hair growth. 

After using this hair serum for two week, you will start noticing healthy hair growth pattern. 

Even after bagging yourself the best hair serum, you will still have to apply hair serum the right way. If a hair serum is not labeled for scalp, do not use it for scalp. 

However, most hair growth serum can be used on scalp. 


Shopping for hair products have become a hectic job on itself. Due to the readily available means of production and affordable manufacturing cost, the market is flooded with hair serums. 

When choosing a hair serum for hair growth, you should consult a hair professional, check the ingredient, buy from famous brands and check the legitimacy of the products. 

If you do that but still confused on which hair serum to buy, you should check the guide above. We have given you 10 of the best hair serum a for hair growth in the market. 

After reading it and bagging the best hair serum for hair growth, subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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