Why do my eyes burn when I wear concealer?

Applying makeup can be a fun activity. However, a problem may arise when the makeup starts irritating your skin. There are several reasons why your makeup product might be irritating your face. But can a concealer burn your face? 

Yes. Despite a concealer being a mild makeup product, you can feel some burning sensation in your eyes. In this article, we will discuss why your eyes might be burning after applying concealer.

Can concealer burn my skin?

Every makeup product has its good and bad sides. For example, a good concealer ensures your eyes look snatched while still hiding the dark circles around the eyes. On the other side, it might make your eyes watery and burn. 

Some ingredients found in a concealer can react with your skin to form some irritating rashes. This is not the only reason using a concealer under the eyes might be causing some burning sessions. Using expired products, rubbing your eyes with the concealer, using some concealer products, and the type of concealer might also be causing your eyes to burn. 

Are you supposed to rub concealer in?

Applying your concealer under your eyes will still determine your experience with the product. For example, some products might find a way into your eyes when rubbing a concealer. The outcome might have some ingredients which irritate your eyes, causing them to be watery and burn. 

To find the right way of applying concealer instead of rubbing. The most convenient application method is by use of a beauty blender. 

A blender will ensure the product blends perfectly. It also picks all the excess products. The other reasons your concealer might be burning your eyes are discussed below. 

Why are concealers making my under eyes burn/sting?

Did you consult a dermatologist when you started using your concealer? Some concealers might have ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction to your eyes. Other than allergy, some of the reasons why your eyes might be burning include;

Expired concealer

One of the main reasons a concealer might sting your under eyes is if the concealer is expired. When the concealer is passed, some chemical components might react with oxygen in the air to form more toxic reagents. 

If you notice your concealer is expired, you should drain it immediately. Furthermore, expired concealer is not efficient. 

Touching your eyes with the product

Conceal should be applied around your eyes and not inside your eyes. Once the concealer finds a way to reach your eyes, you might start feeling some irritation. 

Strong concealer

Some concealers contain potent agents that can cause some irritation to sensitive skin. Before you buy a concealer, please ensure you test with your skin to check if there is some reaction.

Not using a primer

Anytime you are applying makeup, the first step is to apply a primer compatible with your products. Do not use a silicone-based primer direct to your skin. Silicon-based primer has some alcohol components that make your skin dry. Dry skin is prone to be irritated and crack faster. 

Concealer form

The liquid form of concealer tends to make your eyes sting. You should invest in a creamy concealer as it does run. Most people complain that they feel irritated everything they use a liquid concealer.

Why does concealer make my under eyes look worse?

A concealer is supposed to hide some dark spots under your eyes. It can get frustrating if the concealed does not fulfill its purpose and make you look worse. If a concealer does not work as expected, you might be doing something wrong. 

Applying too much makeup

Using too much makeup does not make the makeup more efficient. Too much product cannot blend perfectly, leaving you with uneven lines. 

Using the wrong way to blend

If you do not blend your concealer perfectly, you might have to deal with uneven lines. Some products might even run and get to your eyes. 

Ensure you use a beauty blender. 

If the concealer is not your color

Color matching is one thing you should try to achieve when applying makeup. Find a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone if you cannot find a concealer color.

Your skin is dry

Dry skin has a way of making makeup look unnatural and ugly. Before applying any makeup product, use a high-quality moisturizer. Ensure you also have a mist with you all the time. 

You are not setting the face properly.

To ensure that the makeup does not form harsh lines, use a high-quality setting powder after blending the concealer. 

Why do my eyes water when I wear concealer?

Some types of concealer contain some ingredients that can react with sensitive skin. Before buying a concealer, ensure you test if it will respond to your skin. Apply some concealer to your hand and observe how you feel. If you feel some irritation, then do not buy that concealer. 

How you apply concealer determines how well it will blend and if it touches your eyes. Rubbing a concealer while applying might lead to a burning sensation. Ensure you use a beauty blender as it combines the product where it is needed. Liquid concealer can run and touch your eyes, leading to a burning effect. 


Makeup products are supposed to make your face look all snatched and amazing. However, if you apply the makeup the wrong way, you might feel more irritated. 

When using a concealer under the eyes, ensure you do not touch your eyes with the product. Concealer might make your eyes start stinging. Use a beauty blender to provide all the product is consumed.

If the concealer still makes your eyes feel itchy, you might be doing something wrong or using the lousy concealer. The liquid concealer has a tendency to run all over your face leaving you with harsh lines and a burning sensation. 

Do not use a lot of product on your face if you want permanently blended makeup. 

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