Why is Airbrush Makeup so Expensive? | Updated

Expensive is relative.

Airbrush makeup is considered more costly than traditional makeup in the makeup world.

A couple of factors might bring about the expensiveness. 

This article will explain why airbrush makeup is expensive and why you should consider it for your big day. 

Why is Airbrush Makeup so Expensive?

So you can’t figure out what airbrush makeup is expensive? You are not alone.

I have heard people ask why to pay more while you can get your local makeup artist to do your makeup cheaply.

Airbrush makeup is the real deal, especially if you have a big event.

Read on to understand what makes airbrush makeup expensive. 

Prices of airbrush differ depending on your city, makeup artist, number of people you are paying for, and if you are buying the airbrush makeup kit. 

One reason that makes airbrush makeup expensive is its benefits to your skin.

Discussed below are some of the most outstanding benefits of airbrush makeup. 

Benefits of airbrush makeup

What you get when using airbrush makeup will be worth every dollar you spend on your makeup. 

  • Flawless makeup looks: if you have ever used traditional makeup, you know your struggles to get a perfect look. You will have to switch brushes more than five times, use a damp beauty blender, add foundation on some places, and other unnecessary struggles.

When using airbrush makeup, you only need an airbrush gun, a few drops of foundation, and the skill to get a flawless look. 

A flawless makeup look with airbrush makeup
A flawless makeup look with airbrush makeup
  • Coverage: with a few drops of foundation, you achieve the coverage you need.
  • Hygiene: You don’t need to keep touching your makeup and your face to feel the texture of the makeup. Airbrush gun sprays products on your face directly in a moist form. You will wait for the makeup to dry on its own without blending. 

Chances of getting acne are also reduced when using airbrush makeup. 

  • Airbrush makeup lasts longer: An airbrush gun sprays foundation in mist form on your face. When the pigments of the foundation dry up, it will take more than a hug and tear of joy to rib it off.

You can already glimpse why airbrush makeup is expensive with all the benefits mentioned above. 

However, the benefits airbrushes offer are not the only measure of the cost of airbrush makeup.

So we will look into some of the factors that make airbrush makeup expensive. 

Why is airbrush makeup expensive?

Why is airbrush makeup expensive
Expensive airbrush

Only a few people know the skill

Learning how to apply airbrush makeup is not a complex process.

This video will help you understand the skill in a short time.

However, only a few people can do airbrush makeup.

For example, among the makeup artists, you know in your city, how many do airbrush makeup?

 I may not be from your city, but I can guess it’s less than five.

Due to the demand for their services, they will charge more than the typical traditional makeup artist.

Expect to part with $100-$200 for a single application.

Buying the airbrush makeup kit is expensive

When doing traditional makeup, you only need a couple of brushes, makeup products, and your hand.

But if you want to start doing airbrush makeup, you need an airbrush gun which is a bit expensive, a unique product, and to learn the skill.

Moreover, the products used on an airbrush are costly and not found in all beauty shops.

This is the reason airbrush makeup is expensive.

Airbrush makeup is not an every makeup routine

If you don’t own an airbrush makeup kit at home, you have to go to a makeup artist for application.

This is a routine you only do when you have a special occasion. 

 Airbrush makeup artists don’t get a high flow of clients unless they have a contract with film production companies.

For that reason, they charge more than the typical makeup artist. 

Another factor that might make airbrush makeup expensive is the number of people you pay for service. 

For example, it is not that costly if you are only paying for your makeup at your wedding.

But what about when you have ten bride honors? You can only imagine how expensive it is depending on your makeup artist. If you are paying for many people, you can request a discount.

An Airbrush Gun
An Airbrush Gun

Learning the skill is not hard, and if you buy the airbrush makeup kit once, you might not need to repurchase it for years.

If there are not enough airbrush makeup artists in your city, take that advantage and start booking gigs to apply people’s makeup.

You will bag a tremendous amount of cash and look perfect most of the time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is airbrush makeup worth it?

You don’t want poorly done makeup spoiling your big day.

Airbrush makeup provides proper coverage and a flawless finish.

As a result, your makeup will stay intact the whole day.

So yes, airbrush makeup is worth every penny you spend.

Can I wear airbrush makeup every day?

If you have the airbrush makeup kit at home and know the skill, why not.

However, if you have to go to an MUA, it will be costly. 

Is it easy to use an airbrush gun?

You can use the skill if you are determined.

Several internet videos show you how to use the airbrush gun. 

Can I buy airbrush foundation from a local beauty supplier

Airbrush makeup is a new concept, and the makeup kit comes with its foundation.

It might be impossible for your beauty supplier to have an airbrush foundation.

But you can always check.


Airbrush makeup is quite expensive.

However, if you want to have a perfect day on your big day, it is necessary.

Airbrush makeup eliminates all the worries you might have during the event.

For example, you won’t be needing paper towels to wipe the sweat, and a couple of bathrooms rush to fix your makeup. 

If you plan to use airbrush makeup frequently, it is possible to learn the skill.

You can use your face as a dummy for practice and when you feel confident with your skill, set up a makeup studio. 

Even if the airbrush makeup kit is expensive, you only buy it once.

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