Why is my Luminess airbrush not spraying makeup?|Know why

There quite a number of reasons why your Luminess air is not spraying makeup.

As long as you don’t follow the given set of rules by the brand, you will eventually run into some sought of trouble. 

Join me in this guide as we look at some of the most probable reasons why your Luminess air is not spraying makeup and the solutions to those issues.

By the end of the guide, you will be able to fix any issue within minutes.

Let’s get started.

8 common issues why your Luminess Air is not producing makeup and their solutions

Some of issue that might cause your Luminess not to spray makeup include; using products that are not the right viscosity, maybe the hose has some leaks or kinks, if the stylus is dirty or clogged, the needle is broken, if the lever disengaged or the air pressure is too low.

Each of the issues named above have their solutions as described below. 

If you want to enjoy your Luminess Air for long, you need to take good care of your machine to prevent facing some problems. 

Below are some of the reasons why your Luminess Air is not spraying makeup;

Is the Airbrush makeup you are using the right viscosity?

Right viscosity

Sometimes the reason why your Luminess air is not producing any makeup is not because it’s defective. You might be using Airbrush makeup that is too heavy to be released.

If possible, you should buy Luminess air complete kit.

This kit comes with foundations and concealers that are the right viscosity. 

You can however dilute your makeup using a thinner

  • Pour 4-5 drops of your foundation in a mixing bowl. 
  • Add ¼ tablespoon of a thinner if your choice or a moisturizer to the bowl.  
  • Stir the mixture for about 1 minute and keep adding the thinner using a tiny makeup brush. 
  • Once you have achieved the right viscosity, you can try it out on your Luminess air to see if it’s working. 

A thinner will dilute your makeup to the right viscosity without fading the color.

So, you won’t need to use too much products to achieve full coverage. 

Your Luminess Air stylus is dirty

Airbrush Machine
Airbrush makeup Machine

Since Airbrush makeup is in liquid form.

It is possible for it to stain your stylus which might interfere with how products are released from your brush. 

To prevent that from happening, you need to clean your Airbrush makeup machine everyday.

And because your Luminess air is not clogged, there is no need to disassemble the Airbrush. 

  • Put some warm water into your Airbrush.
  • To ensure the stylus is cleaned thoroughly, cover the stylus opening with your hands.  
  • Press the trigger to allow the water to move into your Airbrush.
  • Since the stylus is closed, no water will be released. You will realize some bubbling which means your machine is being cleaned.
  • Release the stylus and let the water be sprayed out. 
  • Add clean warm water to the Airbrush again and again until only clean water is released. 

Check if the stylus is clogged

Your Luminess air will definitely not produce any makeup if the stylus is clogged.

This might happen if you don’t use the right makeup and if you don’t wash your Airbrush machine everyday. 

This however is not to say you can’t solve the issue. 

  • Remove needle first very gently to prevent bending it or hurting yourself. 
  • Use a wrench to loosen all the tight joints. 
  • Take apart the parts and start cleaning each part separately. 
  • Check if the nozzle is clogged and the tip. 
  • You can soak the nozzle and the tip in thea bowl with warm water or a mild cleanser. 
  • For parts that are hard to reach, you can use a tiny cleaning brush. 
  • As for the joints, pour a drop of the cleanser then use a blow dryer to dry up your Luminess Air. 
  • Assemble the machine back and check to see if the machine is working. 

If after deep cleaning your Luminess Air no makeup is being sprayed, there is another issue. 

Check if the hose pipe has leaks or kinks

No makeup will be released from your Luminess air if the hose pipe has leaks or kinks. Kinks and leaks will block the air which means no makeup. 

A solution to a leaking hose is to replace the hose with a new one. 

  • If you have a screw-on hose type, you can adjust the sitting position of the hose to ensure no kinks are formed. 
  • Hold one side of the hose end upright. 
  • Pull the silver fitting on the hose to the very end so as to ensure the black ring on the other end sits at the bottom of the fitting. 
  • Ensure the threads are aligned before screwing the fittings to the Airbrush. 

Is the pressure of your Luminess air right?

Correct pressure

Sometimes your Luminess Air will not produce any products if the air pressure is very low. 

When adjusting the pressure, don’t set the pressure too high. You will loose the control over the amount of products being released. 

  • Adjust the settings on the dial to the maximum. 
  • You can the start adjusting towards the medium-high and test if any products will be released. 
  • As a beginner, you can continue adjusting the settings until you feel comfortable with the amount of makeup being released.

When testing to see if your Luminess air is producing products, you can use water to prevent any wastage of expensive Airbrush makeup. 

Check if the needle is in the right condition

Your Luminess air might have trouble spraying makeup if the needle is not well fitted into the stylus. 

Another reason no makeup is released is when the needle is bent. 

A solution to a bent needle is replacement.

During replacement, ensure you get a needle that is compatible with your stylus. 

  • Pull the needle backwards from the stylus gentle. 
  • Check to see if there is any signs of it being bent. 
  • If it is not bent, you can use a clean cloth soaked in a cleanser to clean the needle before putting it back. 
  • Push the needle forward gentle again until you are sure it is well fitted in the stylus. 

Put some water into your Airbrush, press the trigger and check to see if it is sprayed out.

If no makeup is being released, there is another issue entirely. 

Check if the lever is disengaged

If by any chance the level on your Luminess is disengaged, no products will be released. 

Solving the issue of disengaged level is not very hard. This video can be of so much help to you. 

However, you can follow the steps below to fix your lever. 

  • Turn the needle chunk to the left to loosen it. 
  • Push the needle to the front until it stops. 
  • Turn the level clockwise to tighten it but not too tight. 
  • Once the level is secure enough, you can turn tighten the chunk to keep the needle in place.

Your Luminess air is not defective

After using your Luminess Air for long, it is prone to becoming defective.

This happens fast if you don’t take good care of your Airbrush. 

Some of the practices you can do to ensure your Airbrush last longer include;

  • Using the right type of makeup every time to prevent clogging. 
  • Clean your Luminess air after every use. 
  • After cleaning your Airbrush, you should dry it up. A blow dry can be an effective dryer but use it at low heat. 
  • Always lubricate your Airbrush to prevent it from rusting. 
  • Use the right tools to disassemble the Luminess Airbrush before storing it under room temperature.

If you notice your Luminess Airbrush is defective to a point of no fixing, the only solution is to buy a new machine. 

Consult Luminess customer assistance

If you have troubleshoot all the issues given above and your Luminess Air still doesn’t work, you can contact Luminess for assistance. 

Once you have explained all your issues, they will give you the solutions. 

If your Luminess air is not more than an year old, you can take advantage of the warranty. 


Although your Luminess Air is supposed to serve you for years, failing to take good care of your Airbrush machine will result to some issues. 

One of the common issue that you might experience when using Luminess air is when no makeup is sprayed from the Airbrush. 

In such a case, there are at least 8 reasons why your Airbrush machine is not spraying any makeup.

All the 8 probable issues have uniquely solutions. 

If you don’t know where to start when troubleshooting your Luminess Air, you can read the guide above. 

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